How To Survive A Road Trip With Kids

Road trips can be a whole lot of fun, but parents who have tried to extend the good times to include their little ones often experience a number of roadblocks (no pun intended). Once you’ve made your plans, chosen a destination and saved money by using Discountrue coupons for Kohl’s and other popular shops on all of the necessary road trip items such as sunblock, toys, books, games, snacks and clothes, these tips will help you to survive a road trip with your brood!

Surviving a roadtrip with kids

1. Safety Precautions Come First Would you believe that at least 70 percent of all car seats have not been properly installed by parents prior to placing their children into them for a long road trip? Be sure that everything has been set up as it should, pack plenty of food and water and bring a first aid kit for the inevitable boo boos that will happen along the way. Is your roadside assistance plan completely up to date? You’ll want to call and make sure before you hit the dusty trail.

2. Get Eight Hours Of Sleep Prior To Departure Most parents focus too much on making sure that their kids are well rested and ignore the importance of being well rested themselves. Instead of worrying about the amount of sleep the children are getting, take a moment to practice what you’re preaching. A sleep deprived parent is a very unsafe driver and is far more likely to be frazzled on the open road than one who planned ahead and got a solid eight hours of sleep the night before.

3. Make a List (and Check It Twice) To make your trip is as stress free as possible and ensure your children’s safety, making a list of every single thing that you’ll need is imperative. Not only do you get to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes with checking all of the items off, but you can also avoid that panicky feeling that overtakes us once we’ve pulled out of the driveway.

4. Strategic Packing Few things are more annoying than taking to the open road, having your child throw a tantrum because of a missing item, then having to pull over to dig through a suitcase and find it, as they scream and cry all the while. Keep all of your little one’s basic supplies at the ready, so that you can easily avoid this all too common pitfall!

5. Plan Around Their Sleep Cycle Some parents may have the stomach for an all night driving session, which is helpful, because you can make great time, as your little ones slumber away in the back. Other parents may decide to leave after a big meal, so that the children will fall asleep once they’ve hit the road. Consider your child’s specific sleep schedule, or else you could be sharing your vehicle with a cranky tot at 3 AM, and that’s not something anyone would dream of.

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