Tips for Protecting Yourself from the Summer Sun

Tips for Protecting Yourself from the Summer Sun

Just about everyone loves a good day at the beach especially our big family. However, no one enjoys the results of sunburn. Did you know that sunburn is serious in and of itself and can result in skin cancer resulting from lack of care in the sun could be deadly? Terrifying and yet so preventable.

That is why it is so very important to make certain that you and your loved ones are protected this summer. Protecting your face from those harmful rays are only part of the necessary regimen. Summer sun protection for your exposed body and even your eyes is of the upmost importance. Even then you may still experience sunburn and with that comes the need to treat it quickly and with care. For this we suggest, Uncle Bud’s Sunburn Soother!

After a day out at the beach, you can relax in the benefits of this powerful, natural and fast-acting topical sunburn soother. Made with an exclusive proprietary formulation CANATREX™, Uncle Bud’s Sunburn Soother is made up of pure Hemp Seed Oil, blended with Emu Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. This works faster, penetrates deeper, and relieves the aches and pain associated with sunburn. Not to mention, this soother also helps relive uncomfortable skin irritations not only from the sun but also minor burns, insect bites, windburn and even your everyday dry skin. It is a great one to have in your first aid kit all year round.

Uncle Bud’s Sunburn Soother with HEMP Oil

There are many ways to protect yourself from the sun:

Protecting Your Face from the Sun

Using an SPF of 15 or higher is the best protection for the skin on your face. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, which is an indication of how well a product will work to protect your skin from the sun. The higher the Skin Protection Factor, the more protection you get.

It is also important not to use tanning oils on your facial skin. Tanning oils will draw the sun to your face and not protect it. Also tanning oils will more than likely cause acne breakouts. There are many cosmetic lines that provide moisturizer along with sun protection that range from moderate in price to more expensive. Look into these products and see if you can obtain samples in order to discern which ones are best for you.

Protecting the Rest of Your Body from the Sun

While it may be appealing to wear a bikini (if you are lucky enough to be able to!), the more skin you cover up from the sun, the better off you are. Skin cancer is found on many areas of the body, not just the face. Covering up more of your skin and protecting it from the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun just makes common sense.

Wearing a skimpy bathing suit may make you feel sexier, but the end result could be serious. Covering up is just one way to deter the serious damage of the sun. Taking breaks is also another great way to avoid sunburn or skin cancer.

Taking a little time to sun is okay if you are well protected with sunscreen with a high value SPF and covering up. However, taking breaks under an umbrella is just as important.

Uncle Bud’s Sunburn Soother with HEMP Oil – 8oz

Other Tips for Keeping Safe in the Sun

* Do not forget to protect your eyes – sunglasses are imperative.

* Do not be shy to try on a hat, you never know – you just may like how it looks.

* Wear waterproof sunscreen for swimming – the sun is attracted to the water and you can burn very easily without realising it as you romp in the waves or in the pool.

* In the event of sunburn, treat with Uncle Bud’s Sunburn Soother, made proudly in the USA.

With a little common sense, you can have fun in the sun while protecting yourself at the same time.

Big thank you to Uncle Buds for working with us on a summer sun protection collaboration. You can purchase Uncle Bud’s Sunburn Soother Aloe Vera + HEMP Oil and Uncle Buds Original Pain Relief Cream which is fantastic on aches and pains on Follow @unclebuds_rub on Instagram for updates and product releases.

Tips for Protecting Yourself from the Summer Sun
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