5 Easy Tips for Preventing Stomach Aches

5 Easy Tips for Preventing Stomach Aches

Has your tummy ever ached so badly and for so long that you begin to forget how it felt to not be in pain? Sadly for most of us, the answer is yes. Your belly pain can range from a simple sharp twinge to a full-blown nauseating uncomfortable pain. Whichever the case the pain is discomforting especially if it lasts for too long or recurring.

Most of this stomach aches are caused by our own habits and can be prevented, while others can be easily treated using women’s probiotics. Here are five easy tips for preventing stomach aches.

Drink plenty of water

Doctors advise that you should take 8 glasses of water per day. Very few people do this. It is advisable to add some flavor like lemon to make the water much tastier, this will make drinking water more enjoyable. Water helps the gut stay refreshed and keeps everything on the move. It also goes without saying that you should stay away from alcohol and soda. However, if you do take this, counter it by taking plenty of water afterward. Make sure to only connect with water providers such as Baton Rouge Water that supply only safe drinking water.

Wash your hands regularly

Our hands tend to touch all sorts of things during the day. When we touch our food with the same hands we expose ourselves to the risk of viruses and bacteria. It is advisable you wash your hands as many times as you can and especially before eating and/or after using the restroom. Washing your hands prevents gastroenteritis which can cause nausea, diarrhea, and fever.

Eat healthily

Taking a balanced diet is essential for the whole body and avoiding fried and spicy food will help prevent your tummy aches. Vegetables and fiber foods will help in digestion which might cause stomach aches and you should always have some on your plate. Taking a nutritious diet will help in your digestion and will keep the stomach flowing normally but taking fatty and fried food pushes your stomach.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is important for the whole body and for the stomach it will keep those stomach aches away. It does not have to be intense but by simply taking a walk after a meal, you will help in digestion. When food flows through your stomach efficiently your stomach will not have issues and will thank you for the simple walk. Intense exercise after taking a heavy meal can be severe, hence one must keep it light.

Eat slowly

When taking your food it’s important you don’t do it in a rush. Earing fast and taking big bites allows air to slip into your mouth and ones swallowed ads gas in your stomach. This gas later causes a lot of irritation to your stomach. You are advised to take small bites and eat slowly which not only allows you to chew your food properly but also helps you know exactly when you’re full. Having too much to eat is also a cause for stomach ache.

However, if you’re eating right, being hygienic and using these tips to prevent stomach aches and they still recur, you should see a doctor.

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