Best Toys for Boys: Stikbot Studio Pro #HotHolidayGifts2017

Best Toys for Boys: Stikbot Zanmation Studio Pro #HotHolidayGifts2017

Stop motion is the rage this year and youngsters can get right in the action with the Stikbot Studio Pro. For just $19.99 at most retailers, this kit comes complete with 1 solid red Stikbot, 1 solid orange Stikbot, 1 green screen stage  with blue color on the other side, 1 tripod and 2 prop boxes (blue and green). Everything you need to bring a little tech joy to their eyes this holiday season.

Best Toys for Boys: Stikbot Studio Pro #HotHolidayGifts2017

Stikbot works in combination with any device that has the ability to run The Stikbot Studio app. The combination of tools and app is simple to navigate and a blast to use! A true all ages fun option. The app allows you to create and share stop motion animiations with your friends or just anyone using #Stikbot.

The Stikbot Studio app

The green screen and studio are both simple cardboard and does require care to ensure that the unit stays in pristine condition. However if you happen to damage the stage, you can buy any green screen background to replace it. So never fear if playtime gets a little rowdy and an accident occurs.

Best Toys for Boys: Stikbot

The Stikbot units themselves are made of sturdy plastic with what almost appears to be a dark rubber band as the guts. This allows for the movement capabilities for action shots when taken in a stop motion scene. Stikbot figures are available in 9 clear colors and 6 solid colors for a great variety of friends to join in the fun. Also new this year, Stikbot pets for added fun (watch the blog for more information and a sneak peek).

Zanmation Studio Pro In Action

Elliot, our 7 year old son, was so excited to open and play with the Stikbot Studio Pro. He had been eyeballing it on our shopping trips and had already added it to his holiday wish list. As a gadget child, he has been a tablet and pc lover since he had enough understanding on how to use them and had seen a few YouTube videos presenting the stop animation produced from using the Stikbot app. Needless to say he has been at the table creating his own for days with true excitement.


To our surprise, even our teenage daughter has taken to creating a few stop motion videos with Stikbot. It has been so much fun watching them put thought and creative ability into making a movie from something as simple as this studio. In fact, they have begun a story series which will appear on YouTube soon.

We hope to see more in the Stikbot family in the coming years as this tool not only sparks play but also an interest in an electronic future that may eventually lead to something bigger!

Have you tried Stikbot?

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