Step Stool Chef celebrates kid independence and leadership!

Remarkable things can happen when you listen to your kids.  Our cooking journey began by listening to four simple words: “I can do it”.  It was my son’s 3rd birthday and it was the coldest day of the year. We were snowed in and our plans to celebrate had been cancelled.  We were able to make the most of our day as we filled it with snow angels, snow men and snowball fights, but what’s a birthday without birthday cake.  As luck would have it, we had all the ingredients needed to make a homemade cake using my grandmother’s recipe.  As I prepared to make the cake, I heard it… “I can do it”.  He wanted to make his own birthday cake so that he could wear his new chef’s jacket that he received for Christmas.  My first thought was to say “no, let mommy do it”.  It’s so easy to say “no”.  It would be lot easier and faster if I do it… Plus I would have to clean the big mess, right.

Step Stool Chef

However, I quickly realize that kids can rise to the occasion once given a chance. So with the assistance of a step stool and a little help from mommy, my budding chef did a great job making his cake.  And regarding clean up… well, he did that too.  He was beaming with such a sense of pride and confidence that I had never seen before.  Not only was he proud of his accomplishment, I could also tell that he was excited to show me what he could do.


Kids need opportunities to lead and a safe space to take risks.  They can surprise us once we release the limitations we place on them.  The Step Stool Chef is dedicated to celebrating kid independence and leadership. We feature a “kids teaching kids” approach to cooking that features easy to follow recipes for kids to try at home.  At the Step Stool Chef, the kids are the leaders and the parents are the assistants.  We believe that with the right tools & support, kids can do anything!

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