Starbucks Lovers Gift Guide

Starbucks Gift Guide 20 Items

Starbucks is such a hot trend this holiday season. Gifts of all types carrying this tasty slogan will be welcomed by the budding college student to the extremely hard to buy for. Below is a round-up list of our absolute favorites!

Starbucks Sampler Coffee Mug, Chocolate and Cookies $18.45

Starbucks Chiseled Ombre Venti Cold Cup with 2 Lids $19.97

Starbuck Coffee European Charm Bead $6.99

 Outta My Way … I’m Going to Starbucks! $17.99

Verismo® System  $149

10pcs Starbucks Coffee Cup Earphone Jack Plug Stopper Cap $10.20

Starbucks Mocha Powder $7.95

Starbucks Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup $12.95

Starbucks Carousel $19.99

Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee Beans $10

Starbucks and Tazo Eye Opener $34.95

Starbucks Coffee Neon Wall Clock $179.99

Starbucks Spectacular Gift Basket $89.99


Coffee Lovers Warning Sign $8.99

Silver-Plated Starbucks Coffee Pendant Necklace $18.99

Starbucks Double Wall Ceramic Traveler – Charlotte Ronson $39.99

Variety Pack of Starbucks Coffee & Tazo Tea K-Cups for Keurig  $19.79

Starbucks Red Cup Ornament $7.90

My Blood Type Is Starbucks Hooded Sweatshirt $29.95

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