Starbucks Lovers Gift Guide + eGift Card Giveaway

Starbucks Lovers Gift Guide

Starbucks is such a hot trend this holiday season. Gifts of all types carrying this tasty slogan will be welcomed by the budding college student to the extremely hard to buy for. Below is a round-up list of our absolute favorites to help you get your holiday shopping done in style!

For those of us who need to send gifts across the miles or love the idea of last minute shopping, a Starbucks eGift Cards is a great idea!

A Starbucks Limited Edition Ceramic Travel Mug Mermaid is perfect for the coffee loving, art fan on your holiday list. Shush, we won’t tell if you get one for yourself as well.

Classic Starbucks Logo Shirt for the die-hard coffee fan. You know the one I speak of – where all roads lead back to a Starbucks near you! Your coffee bff that does everything from study to gossip on the SB patio. Gotta love them!

For the person on your holiday shopping list who seems to have everything or at least enough moolah to buy it themselves, I say the California Delicious Starbucks Coffee Mornings Gift Box is a win, win! With a single stylish logo mug and a delicious selection of brews, it is one box I even have on my wish list.

The Outta My Way I’m Going to Starbucks license plate frame makes a great fun gift for the one who is always petal to the metal till the next coffee drive-thru.

Everyone needs a little organization in their life. The Everie Coffee Pod Storage Carousel Holder Organizer can help them do just that. This baby will hold up to 40 k-pods. Keeping their Starbucks ready and easy to grab to brew.

Have that one friend or co-worker who is a beast before they have their beloved cup of Joe? They need a Coffee Lovers Warning Sign this holiday season!

A true must have in any java lovers closet, My Blood Type is Coffee Hoodie Sweatshirt! Perfect for the one on your list who could bleed coffee straight from the vein due to mass consumption. Seriously, this is me to a t!

Go big or go coffeeless with the Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker! Offering the best of both worlds with a single serve k-cup pod option and 12-Cup carafe drip coffee brewer you can use your favorite ground coffee in. I mean come-on who knows when a morning will be a one cup or many kind of day!

Starbucks Lovers Giveaway

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  1. I have 3 regulars – venti iced coffee with cream and sugar, venti green tea with half the pumps of sugar and peppermint mocha. When in season, I LOVE the peach green tea lemonade.

  2. My fave is probably the white chocolate mocha, but I like to switch it up now and then.

  3. My favorite drink isn’t a coffee. Too much caffeine gets me jazzed up so I get a hazelnut or caramel soy milk. It’s yummy and doesn’t upset my stomach. I’m lactose intolerant to the extreme.

  4. My favorite Starbucks coffee is their toasted white chocolate mocha frappuccino. Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  5. I love the caramel macchiato in the Winter. I enjoy the Carmel frappuccino during the warmer seasons.

  6. I always go for a nonfat latte with extra foam. I love them! I go to Starbucks during my work shift every afternoon that I can. I would totally wear that Starbucks T-Shirt!

  7. My favorite Starbucks coffee is a Iced white peppermint mocha. I can literally drink it all year around.

  8. I really love their cold brew coffee, as well as their Captain Crunch Berries frap from the secret menu!

  9. We do not have a Starbucks near us but I would send this to my son in the air force in Cali

  10. My favorite Starbucks drink is a Soy Cafe Misto! So good. Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize.

  11. My all time favorite Starbucks is the Dragon drink. My favorite hot drink is the salted caramel hot chocolate.

  12. My favorite drink is the Chestnut Praline Frappuccino which I look forward to every year.

  13. Love Starbucks gear! Such fun stuff & great gift ideas. I need that license plate frame!

    I always enjoy trying their new seasonal flavors but my go-to is usually a cafe mocha if I want something hot, or an iced caramel machiatto if I want something cold. Sometimes during the summer I’ll get half black iced tea with half lemonade which is yummy & refreshing!

  14. My all time favorite drink at starbucks is a mocha frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso.

  15. I don’t like coffee, however, Starbucks has the best hot chocolate which is what I get when I go there.

  16. I actually dont drink coffee…I like to go to starbucks for their hot chocolate, teas and egg bites.

  17. I’m not a coffee drinker but I love their hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint or caramel

  18. Iced Caramel Macchiato has been my go-to since high school, but the cold foam cold brew is quickly becoming my favorite.

  19. White Chocolate Mocha latte is a go to – but my favorite today was a hot cup of cocoa – it was soooooo good!

  20. My favorite Starbucks coffee to brew at home is their Blonde Roast, and my favorite Starbucks drink is a soy caramel macchiato!

  21. My favorite Starbucks drink is a flat white unless its Christmas then I love the Chestnut Praline Latte!

  22. If it’s actual coffee I’m partial to their Blonde Roast, if it’s their drink I tend towards a simple Latte. I don’t like the sugary concoctions that dominate their menu

  23. The White Chocolate Mocha latte is a good one at this time of the year when it is cold and Christmas time.

  24. I like the Blonde Peppermint Mocha.
    That license plate cover is so funny! My daughter would definitely put that on her car.
    Thank you!

  25. Cafe Verona is my favourite of the bagged coffees. I like white chocolate mocha and strawberries and creme frappucinos!

  26. I’m not really a coffee drinker, but I love the hot chai tea latte from Starbucks! Also, their strawberry Frappuccino, too.

  27. Actually normally its whatever is seasonal so right now im hooked on peppermint mocha. Today I got up and my coffee pot had decided to die so now it will be anything I can mainline. I am a very mean person until after coffee.

  28. My favorite Starbucks coffee is the Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino® Blended Beverage and the lemon pound cake! Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

  29. Well I am currently drinking a lot of there medium roast because I have a case of it, but I had a flavored peppermint coffee a few years ago that I really enjoyed.

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