Enthuse Your Sporting Desires: The US States That Will Fuel Your Love Of Sport

Enthuse Your Sporting Desires: The US States That Will Fuel Your Love Of Sport

Sometimes you just want to enjoy a holiday where you can take advantage of some f your other loves in life. Sure you might love the idea of heading away on vacation to enjoy the relaxation, good weather and some of the sights and experiences of your chosen place. But, many people also have other love sin their lives like hobbies including sports. Often, seeing some of these sports in real life action at some of the most loved events can also form part of your bucket list. So combining the two could be an option. I wanted to share with you four sporting events that take place in the US with their locations and why perhaps they should be something for you to consider for your next vacation.

Enthuse Your Sporting Desires: The US States That Will Fuel Your Love Of Sport

The Kentucky Derby

You may want to take advantage of a real iconic sporting event in the US and that is the Kentucky Derby. It starts on the first Saturday of may and spark the two week festival, meaning there is so much on offer at this time of year. It takes place in Louisville, in Kentucky, and it can really be a fabulous hotspot for a vacation while combining it with the enjoying of the Kentucky Derby. Louisville itself sits on the Ohio river, and not only would you have the enjoyment of the race but you also have the Kentucky derby museum which could just be the icing on the cake for your trip.

The Kansas Speedway

Since 2011 the Kansas Speedway has become an event in the state of Kansas not to be missed. If you love the thrill of motor racing and are a motorsports enthusiasts then this event is for you. Stay in places like the Econo Lodge Kansas City Airport for easy commutable access for the vent but to also enjoy everything else that Kansas city can offer. Known for its BBQ, Jazz heritage and beautiful fountains, Kansas city really does have it all.

The Masters in Georgia

Is golf your thing? Do you enjoy the atmosphere, the scenery, and the activity you get to endure while following the golfers around the course? Then The Masters really is the event to attend. One of the most iconic events in the history of golding, it takes place in Augusta. If you fancy going here, it isn’t just the golfing that will keep you occupied. Take a stroll along the Augusta Riverwalk, enjoy the museum full of fantastic exhibitions and even the Morris Museum of art could be worthwhile visiting.

The U.S Open in New York

Finally, another sport that can appeal to many is tennis, so if you fancy watching one of the four grand slams then head over to New York for the U.S Open. Taking place in Flushing Meadows it is one of the most iconic Tennis tournaments that will see you witness events like the Mens and Ladies singles, the doubles and even the kids take on the accolade. If you like the idea of visiting New York you have the iconic NYC with some of the best sights such as The Empire State building and the Statue Of Liberty.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration for locations where you could combine your love of sport.

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