Review: Sterno S’Mores Maker #HotHolidayGifts2017

There is nothing better than family time during the holidays. As a parent of seven, we enjoy every minute of joy we can get. Time is precious and we don’t want to waste even a minute of it creating moments and traditions. As our youngest age, they have grown to love the great outdoors as much as we do. Though during the Christmas season, we see way too much snow and cold to get outside as often as we would like. So, we like to bring those moments indoors as much as possible and enjoying a S’Mores is just part of the fun in doing so.

Review: Sterno S'Mores Maker #HotHolidayGifts2017

With the Sterno S’mores Maker, we are now able to get that fire grilled marshmallow goodness we enjoy during our camping trips right at home no matter the weather outside. This cookware device is built with entertaining and family fun in mind. The S’more’s Maker adds even more fun to those holiday gathers, dessert time, school events, sleepovers, and so much more.

When it comes to safe, year-round, indoor/outdoor, interactive fun, the S’mores Maker is the ideal addition to every family’s toolbox! Now we stress that adult supervision is recommended since S’Mores Heat produces actual flames; folks of all ages can enjoy the roasting fun.

What's included in the Sterno S'mores Maker box?

The Sterno S’mores Maker comes with the main unit, two roasting forks, 1 roasting safety screen, two integrated making stations and one can of Sterno S’mores Heat (also available for purchase separately). This product can be used both indoors and outdoors as well as is diswasher safe. Note: do not wash the heat canister. This provides everything you need for up to two people to roast at once.

Sterno Fuel Suspension Ring

Putting together the unit is really simple. Place Fuel Suspension Ring securely in center of tray. Once that is in place, remove lid of S’MORES HEAT included in the box and cautiously pry lid off with a blunt object. We used the side of a butter knife but a spoon or bottle opener would work too. Place the heat inside the suspension ring and when you are ready to roast light the heat with a long match or grill lighter.

Sterno S'mores Heat

Before starting Sterno S’mores Heat we suggest that you go ahead and fill the appropriate space holders of the S’mores Maker tray with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate squares. This way you are ready to go as soon as you have the flame going and the roasting safety screen in place over the heat.

Sterno roasting safety screen

How to make a S’more using the Sterno S’mores Maker:

1. Place a graham cracker and a piece of chocolate over it on the S’mores Making Station area of tray or use a plate or napkin for easy transport.

2. Attach a marshmallow to the roasting fork and hold fork 2” above the lit S’mores Heat Roasting Screen. For the best results, remember to hold and turn until you find the desired roast you prefer.

3. While still on the roasting fork, place roasted marshmallow on top of chocolate square. Take caution as the marshmallow will be hot and should be handled with care to prevent burn injury.

5. Place another graham cracker square on top of roasted marshmallow and apply a small amount of pressure to hold marshmallow in place while slowly removing roasting fork and to combine the ingredients together.

Enjoy your freshly roasted s'more treat!

Then enjoy your freshly roasted s’more treat time and time again! With quick clean-up and the ability to share the experience with my entire family, the Sterno S’Mores Maker is a big win in our home and at the top of our Hot Holiday Gifts List this year!

The Sterno S’Mores Maker is available at Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as

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