Non-Invasive Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Non-Invasive Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Your skin is what you show to the world. The skin on your face is particularly important because it is human nature to look at each other’s faces. When you have skin blemishes of any kind, on your face or otherwise, it can make you feel quite self-conscious. It can also influence how others view you. That is when skin resurfacing may be in order. However, there are several types of skin resurfacing to choose from.

Surgical Skin Resurfacing May be Unnecessary

When you think of making major positive changes to your skin health, surgery may come to mind. Surgical intervention certainly can help you improve the look of your skin in short order, especially if wrinkles or sagging skin are your primary worries. However, surgery comes with anesthesia hazards, lots of time off from work and other issues you may not want or need to deal with.

Non-Invasive Skin Resurfacing May be the Solution

There are many much more non-invasive ways to resurface your skin. However, all of them only work to a certain point. Surgery is certainly necessary when your skin problems are severe enough, but catching them early opens up a world of other options, such as treatment using aesthetic laser equipment for clinical use. When you opt for non-invasive treatment, you minimize risk factors and recovery times. You are also likely to spend far less money than you would on surgery.

Types of Non-Invasive Skin Resurfacing Procedures

There are several ways to go about having your skin clinically resurfaced without surgery. As mentioned, one is laser treatment. The laser uses its heat and a specific type of light to treat blemishes and wrinkles while simultaneously stripping away dead skin and foreign materials. The result is live, cleaner, brighter skin begins to show instead.

Resurfacing can also be accomplished with a sort of skin sander called a microdermabrasion device. It is a tool that uses small crystals blasted at the skin to accomplish exactly what the laser does. The technician points the tool at the area to be treated and slowly strips away the unwanted materials.

A third option is a chemical peel. A chemical peel does the same thing, except it uses various mixtures of chemicals. The nice thing about a chemical peel is you can have the strength of it adjusted for your needs. Depending on the chemicals mixed, you might undergo a surface peel, medium depth peel or deep peel.

Reasons One Procedure May be Better Than Another

You might opt to choose one procedure over the other simply due to current costs or personal concerns. For example, you may not want chemicals applied to your skin. You could also select a procedure based simply on what is offered at your local clinic, if all other factors are equal.

Another possibility is you may have a skin type or condition that makes certain treatments more appropriate than others. For example, laser heat can cause excessively oily skin to heat up too much and blister. If you have a specific skin issue that limits your options, take the time to find a clinic that provides the service you require. That way you limit your procedural risks and maximize your chances for positive results.

Final Skin Resurfacing Selection Factors

One of the final factors in your choice has to be the severity of your current skin ailments. Some procedures are designed for mild to moderate treatment only. Another is, of course, cost. When considering cost, remember to factor in convenience level also. For example, certain types of peels should be repeated more often than others. Consult your clinician for a full picture of what you can expect from each procedure.

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  1. I have always wondered about these procedures and at 54 am definitely considering them.

  2. I’ve never looked into non-invasive skin resurfacing before, but it sounds like something I might be interested in. I like that there’s no surgery involved.

  3. Before doing anything start with a consult to your Physician for a referral to a dermatologist. Explore all your options before getting any surgical procedure. You offer some awesome tips.

  4. Interesting options for skin. As a woman with aging skin, these are some things for me to discuss with my dermatologist.

  5. I keep getting the urge to try one of these types of things. I really do not have any major skin issues, just that I just turned 50 and overall, I just feel like a need a skin refresh of some type. The at home methods just do not seem to be what I need. This just made me jump start back into trying to figure out which is best for me. I do not ant something that is going to almost have a scarring or reddening effect for a day or two.

  6. As I’m getting older this is something I’m thinking of. It’s good to know the options.

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