Tips to help achieve beautiful skin for 2012

Recharge your spirits (and pores!) with a new regime & tips from the experts at ULTA Beauty as they kick off 2012 with their annual Fresh Start Skin Days event on January 1, 2012, where stores nationwide will focus on the importance of great skincare by offering exclusive tips from experts, as well as one of kind special offers daily through January 21, 2012.

ULTA has tapped into their team of expert brands who will offer exclusive beauty products including Dermalogica, Benefit, Murad, Bliss and, Philosophy, as well as in-store consultations and live demos from top beauty industry experts.

A sampling of exclusive tips to achieve beautiful skin for 2012:

1. Enjoy Your Coffee. Studies show that coffee beans & caffeine can produce elastin (aka tight skin). A quick skin tightening tip that may surprise you! If Only Spin Class could be this easy & sweat free:

  • Bliss– Like a spinning class for your not-so-skinny cells, bliss’s topical treatments FatGirlScrub and FatGirlSlim targets problem areas by energizing lethargic lipids to let loose and go ‘lymphatic’.

2. Stay Hydrated. Skin thirsty for some moisture? Staying hydrated through the harsh winter months is key. Stay smooth with these featured products:

  • Radiant SkinCare by Benefit Set – Dull skin from daily stress? With this 6 step set, skin is guaranteed to be polished, cleansed & hydrated for travelers on the go.
  • DDF – Their simplifying elixir boosts skin’s moisture barrier by 70% with ingredients including ficus leaf, lotus flower and red clover extracts.

3. Thou Shall Not Pick. Spots should only be for the runway or your cute pup! For those with combination or breakout prone skin, ULTA skincare experts offer these suggestions:

  • StriVectin-EV – Their new Get Even Spot Repair has a concentrated formula that targets stubborn spots at the source. After 4 weeks, excess pigmentation diminishes and after 8 weeks, stubborn spots visibly lighten.
  • Philosophy – Want amplified results on skin discoloration? Look to the #1 professional protocol for addressing dark spots: a skin brightener + a retinoid. Simply pair Philosophy’s revolutionary new Miracle Worker Miraculous All-Over Brightener and Dark Spot Corrector with their best-selling Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Aging Retinoid Pads for fast, clinically-proven results

Mario Badescu – Did you know that the Whitening Mask isn’t only for discoloration? it’s a great mask for overall brightening too! This hydrating mask will brighten uneven skin tones and gently minimize the look of old acne scars. Give the Whitening Mask a try!

4. Get 8-10 Hours of Sleep a Night. Research shows cells are most efficient at healing during nighttime sleep. Work on cell renewal and say “hasta la vista” to dark under eye circles with these miracle go-to products:

  • bareMinerals – With their active cell renewal night serum accelerates cell turnover and boosts moisture levels while you sleep. Wake up to firm, healthy, younger-looking skin.
  • Hydroxatone – Always apply under eye products with your ring finger! This is your weakest finger and will ensure a gentle product application to the delicate, thin skin under the eyes – applying too much pressure can break capillaries and even cause bruising!

5. Prepare to Change. Your skin changes as you age and so should your skin care if you want to keep a youthful appearance.Be sure to use products that correspond with your age and skin concerns. The experts at Dermalogica suggest these:

  • 20s: Clean skin is the foundation of healthy skin. Perform the Dermalogica Double cleanse that begins with PreCleanse to lift makeup and oil-based debris, and follow with your favorite Dermalogica Cleanser for super clean skin.
  • 30s: Adding a weekly hydrating masque to your routine can dramatically boost radiance and reduce appearance of fine lines.
  • 40s: Keep up with your water intake to hydrate skin from the inside out.
  • 50s: Menopause can trigger up to a 30% reduction in collagen. Speak with your skin therapist about products that can help boost collagen production to keep skin firm.

6. Glow as you Go: A great skin care regime need not take a long time. It’s all about using the right products and keeping up a regular skin care routine. New services like Dermalogica’s MicroZone treatments take only 20-minutes at ULTA Salons and can be adapted to individual needs. Try Flash Exfoliation, Lip Renewal or Eye Rescue for targeted solutions for immediate skin care concerns.

Information provided by ULTA Beauty

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