Sing 4: The Hits Edition with Microphone for Nintendo Wii Review & Giveaway


Sing4: The Hits Edition is a unique singing game unlike any other. This is the first game with high-precision lyrics scoring that detects humming vs. singing, and includes cool effects like pitch correction to enhance your voice with. Sing4 is sure to be a fun game for the whole family, allowing up to 4 players to sing simultaneously. There are 40 popular original artist’s tracks and music videos to rock out to, and even more songs available for download. You can also record and replay your performance during several Game Modes including Solo, Co-op, Duet and Battle, where you go head to head against your friends. So grab a mic, your friends, and get ready for a completely new and innovative karaoke experience with Sing4!



What the momma thinks…

I could just write, wow; so much freaking fun and that be the end of it but lucky you I feel in a sharing mood. Sing 4: The Hits Edition with Microphone is am amazing vocal game for Nintendo Wii. The game itself comes complete with microphone; so you are ready to get jiggy with it immediately after it comes out of the box. With the new era of everyone wants to be a famous singer, Crave Entertainment really hit a home run with Sing4.

Sing4 is easy to navigate. There are 40 popular song included for your to select from and you can also download additional tunes. You can perform duets and group songs with up to four people with additional microphones which we have not yet purchased but very much plan to. You can go solo and just rock on alone or great a party at home, invite a few friends over and have a battle right in your livingroom.

For those of you who are like me and not so great at the singing process, Sing4 includes an awesome feature, pitch correction, that allows players to sing in tune and sound good (even when you really don’t). You can play around with it and create voice effects like echo and more. My kids really enjoy playing around with these.

Even though this is a karaoke style experience game, I found it to be up to date and quite enjoyable. The game play and microphone sink in well together. It is simple to use, our six-year-old can even work this alone. Most importantly is that Sing4 can be updated with the addition of downloadable tunes as they become available. So all in all, I give it a 4 and a half stars and a must have for the Wii system!

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