5 Fun, Simple Crafts for Christmas

Well, it’s almost that time of year again.  Soon we will be setting up those Christmas trees, playing those favorite holiday tunes, and cuddling up by the fire as the snow flies outside.  For many, this time of year also means getting a little crafty! For some of us, being creative is second nature. And then there are those of us who need a little help.  In case you are the latter of the two, here are five fun and simple craft ideas to get you started this Christmas.

Embroidery Hoop Decorations

Perhaps one of the easiest Christmas crafts I have seen are decorations using embroidery hoops.  These simple decorations end up looking like giant ornaments you would put on a tree, but you hang them on the wall instead.  Basically, all you need are various sizes of these hoops, along with some cute fabric that looks “Christmasy.”  This might include green fabric with red and white polka dots, Christmas characters like Santa or Rudolph on green or red fabric, snowflake designs, or anything else that might be your style.  

Cut the fabric down to fit nicely into the embroidery hoop.  You can then easily take the outer layer of the hoop off and fit the fabric inside.  Put it back on, and you have what looks like a giant Christmas tree ornament!  With various sizes and colors, you can really bring color and life to a wall in your home for the Christmas season.

Holiday Wreaths

If you’re interested in crafts, you’ve probably created a wreath or two in your life.  There are several cute, easy Christmas wreath ideas.  One idea is to simply buy several varied Christmas cookie cutters.  Arrange them in a circle, depending on the size you prefer, and glue them together with a hot glue gun.  If your cookie cutters are metal and you want to add a little color, consider adding a cute Christmas bow to the top of it.

Another wreath idea is to buy holiday ribbon and a plain wreath from the store.  By simply tying the various colored ribbons around the wreath, you can create a fun, inexpensive door decoration.  If you want, you can put some Christmas tree ball decorations in the bows to add a little shimmer!

Holiday Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a great way to show those in your life that you love and care for them. In this day and age, it is simple to create memorable cards.  Several resources are available online, where you can design your own cards that fit your own style.  After you have created your online Christmas card, you can easily print it off at home and send it on its way!  These personalized Christmas cards are an easy way to put a little more “thought” into the gifts you send your loved ones.

Christmas Card Display

Speaking of Christmas cards, many people like to display the greetings and Christmas wishes they receive from others. If this is you, you can always get a red or green ribbon and hang it from your door, wall, cabinets, or anything else you might like.  Make the ribbon a few feet long, and as you get each new card, attach it to the ribbon using a clothespin, Velcro, or even tape.

Another easy Christmas card display idea is to use those handy embroidery hoops once again. Take out the large middle portion, so you just have the outer hoop.  Use clothespins to attach cards all around the outside and hang it on your wall.

Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

Perhaps you would like to practice your wood-working skills?  Luckily, this one doesn’t take too much skill in that area but will give you some experience if you want.  You will need several pieces of wood.  You will have a main piece that is as tall as you would like your tree to be.  You will then cut other pieces of wood, one just a bit longer than the one before it.  You will eventually attach each piece to the main piece of wood, with the shortest on top, so it looks like a Christmas tree.  

Before you do the attaching, however, you can paint or spray paint the pieces of wood in any color you choose, and even paint words on the pieces, if you would like.  You can put phrases like “‘Tis the Season” or “May Your Days Be Merry and Bright.”  Once you have done this, nail in the pieces of wood and you are finished!  These make great yard decorations.

No matter what level of skill you have when it comes to crafts, there is something cute and simple you can create this Christmas to make it a little more memorable. Happy Crafting!


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