Shopkins Back To School Get-Together

Not too long ago, I was asked to host a playdate for my daughters and their friends. During this event we were to introduce Moose Toys’ newest collectible brand, Shopkins. Of course I agreed excitedly as any excuse to have the girls over and bake cupcakes is a go, go for me. I know I am such a sucker for toys and sugar! What I didn’t realize is how much everyone would fall in love with the Shopkins characters. <- That goes for both the girls, their brothers and the moms themselves.

Let me show you how the Shopkin magic began…….

Shopkins Party

I was in a rush to get things together as I always seem to be and opted to place all the goodies on the main table for everyone to walk past as they grabbed their lunch from the buffet counter. Let’s just say that Shopkins too center stage and my adorable shaped sandwiches and handmade salads were forgotten. With much convincing, we got everyone to eat a bit and then the moms (yes, I put them to work) all helped open a few packages and make a goodie bags for everyone to take home.

Shopkins Small Mart

First to come unwrapped was the Shopkins Small Mart. This is what I like to think of as the starter piece for the Shopkin collection. It comes with 2 characters, the base unit, 2 shopping bags, a shopping cart and the cash register piece which is completely removable. This playset can hold several Shopkins characters at once and allows for dual side playtime fun.

Shopkins Characters 2

Loads of shelf space to display your Shopkins offerings in the supermarket.

Shopkins Characters 3

The shopping cart has a holder space for two in the front and plentiful room in the basket area for our wee ones and moms to shop till they drop. The wheels roll smoothly even over tablecloth surfaces and even better on flat areas. Give it a little push and off the run away cart goes.

Shopkins Supermarket

The cash register area has a movable conveyor belt. It is easy for little fingers to slide the green wheel and watch the Shopkins move on through. For fun – add the shopping cart to the end of the belt and watch the Shopkins fall right back into the basket when in motion.

Shopkins Small Mart Door

The dual side play action we spoke about comes to life with the out swinging door allowing for customers to enter an leave from the front of the store. Note you can also see through the department windows for visual effects of what is available on the other side.

Shopkins Lever Drop

The basket drop can also be found on the front side of the Shopkins small mart. This allows customers to request products not on the shelves and the player to add them to the basket, push it all the way to the top and watch it slide down on the store side.

Shopkins Down the Shoot

Alert shoppers – new Shopkins arriving now!

Shopkins Bakery

Next up on the play list is the Shopkins Bakery. This playset includes the base unit, 2 characters and 2 shopping bags. Also note that this  set includes a few surprises that I would have never known about had I not actually played with it.

Shopkins Mixer

Working Shopkins mixer has a place for a single character in the batter mixer of the bowl. Then simply press the top donut and watch the swirl begin.

Shopkins Bake Show

This playset has a open-up display case for your special baked treasures, a swinging basket that holds 2 Shopkins characters and loads of shelving space for additional pieces and even shopping bags.

Shopkins Baking Trays

The bottom shelf offers removable baking trays for more imaginary play and even additional space for you to store additiona items offered for sale in the bakery.

Shopkins 12 Pack

The Shopkins 12 pack {content example featured above} is the easiest way to build your character collection. Each 12 pack comes with 10 seen characters, 2 special characters hidden in blue bags, 4 shopping bags and a shopping basket. The baskets are excellent for character storage!

Shopkins Specials

Peek at our special characters received from the 12 pack featured above. The details and sweet faces are the number one reason we all fell in love with the Shopkins collection. Each character is based off something real like ice cream or sunblock. However Moose Toys added a fun feel and unique color combos to makes something different than any collectible toys that I have seen thus far.

Shopkins Characters 1

The Shopkins 5 Pack (seen above) includes 4 seen characters, 1 special and 5 shopping bags. Yes, that is right five shopping bags. A girl can never have too many and each bag fits one character comfortably!

Shopkins Singles

Let’s talk Shopkin singles as this is the product I am having the hardest time finding at my local shops. Each package contains one unseen character and a shopping bag. The fun is you never know what is inside. It maybe that missing Shopkins you have been searching for and it maybe one you already have. They also make excellent rewards for good behavior or grades and if you find them stock up for that ho-ho-ho stocking coming soon.

Shopkins Photo

Serious I had no clue what to do with the board – so we all took turns taking Shopkins photos. My Aryka above says hers was the best smile and I agree!


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