Craft Tutorial: Valentine’s Sewn Paper Heart Garland

I love decorating for Valentine’s Day. And decorating with pretty and festive décor that I have created with the help of my children is even better! This Sewn Paper Heart Garland project was quite a hit at our house! It was easy to make and didn’t take very long. My kids told me about their days at school as they worked, punching the hearts out and then organizing them a number of different ways.

To make this Heart Garland as shown, you will need patterned paper, a large heart shaped punch, a sewing machine and thread.

1. First, punch or cut out heart shapes. These can be a uniform size like mine, or get creative and do different sizes. If you do not have a heart punch, use what you have! A long line of pink and red circles would be pretty over a doorway or lining a banister.

2. Sew your paper hearts! Yep-just like fabric! And sewing paper is really easy. I just let my sewing machine pull them through as I fed it paper heart after paper heart. Because my kids are younger, I didn’t have them help with the sewing machine, but they did have fun handing me the hearts in whatever pattern they chose.

*If you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t prefer to dust it off, you could use adhesive and sandwich the string between two hearts.

3. Clip the loose threads and it’s ready to hang making your entryway or living room a cheery, heart bedecked place ready for Valentine’s Day!

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