Beauty Benefits: Santalia Calming Mask Review

Calming Mask

 I had the opportunity to work with Santalia and review their Calming Mask. Santalia uses Sandalwood in it’s products which is said to “lift the spirits to heaven, enhance connection with the divine and increase personal relaxation and well-being.”  The Calming Mask spreads easily on to the skin but it does start to dry fast. Application is easy. Simply spread the mask onto clean skin, allow to dry for several minutes, and wipe away with a wet wash cloth. The Calming mask can be used daily or used as a maintenance treatment once or twice a week. Be sure to avoid the eye area. 

It’s hard to look this good!

Work swiftly with the product as it will start to dry and get a little thick.

I do have oily, acne prone skin so the calming mask worked really well for me. After a few uses I did notice a little more acne but that is to be expected with any facial product that’s doing it’s job, by bringing the dirt and oil to the skins surface. When using an acne treatment program, you can always expect it to get worse before it gets better which is why it’s so important to keep up with the regimen. As a licensed Cosmetologist/Esthetician I have used many different products on my skin and have varying degrees of outcomes with products in the past. Since using Santalia’s Calming Mask, I have only experienced positive results. I had no skin irritation during or after using the mask. I used the mask after cleansing my face with my regular cleaner. I then removed the mask with a warm wash rag and followed it with my normal moisturizer. I noticed that after using the mask my face was not as oily by the end of the day as it would be without using the mask which in turn meant I didn’t have to use more face powder at the end of the day. I am very pleased with my results !

Benefits of Santalia:

Rich mineral & sandalwood mask purifies & balances oily skin

Reduces swelling & redness in minutes

Pleasant natural, unisex aroma of sandalwood

Free of benzyl peroxide, sulfates, artificial fragrance, dyes & preservatives

 In an 8 week study, 89.4% of patients showed improvement and relief from their acne. Santalia was as effective at 8 weeks as benzoyl peroxide was at 12 weeks but without the drying and irritation. Overall I recommend Santalia products to anyone who has acne prone skin

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