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For chocolate lovers: there is chocolate, good chocolate and oh my gosh I have to eat the whole bag chocolate. R.M. Palmer fits into that last category. You know the one that makes even the best moms hide a stash in the very back of the cabinet or in a secret drawer long since forgotten about. Shamefully my husband I went head to head to see who could devour the Decorated Peanut Butter Cups the fastest. He won of course.

Even more than our silly stash and grab candy games, we have a knack for finding quality products and staying loyal to them. With R.M. Palmer being so easy to find and reasonable on the pocketbook, it is hard not to love their delectable treats. Their chocolate selections are creamy and melt in your mouth yummy.

Palmer Halloween Candy

From my daughter’s point of view, the Snappin’ Skulls were the coolest thing ever created. She loves that poppin’ candy and then add it to one of her favor treats, chocolate and you have a combo that keeps her talking about it for awhile. I was even surprised at how well the pop rocks stood out while still all I tasted was chocolate. They make me want to unwrap them all and prank some of my favorite friends. The idea of watching some of my favorite ladies crap up the chocolate and then see their faces when the crackle begins. Geez, it is enough to make me smile!

Snappin' Skulls

On a side note of all the R.M. Palmer Halloween Candy bags we received the Ghostly Goodies in my opinion packed the most bang for your buck. You get some of their best items: Fudge Filled Boos, Creamy Peanut Butter Cups and Double Crisp Goog-ly Eyes. In a 22 ounce bag you have enough to pass out to 35-50 trick or treaters. You get the same great candy as you do in the large size product bags, just in a smaller size. In my home less is more when it comes to sweet treats.

No worries R.M. Palmer candy lovers. Even after Halloween has come to an end, they still create a fab selection of holiday and everyday items to keep you in a happy chocolate mood. In fact they make Duck Dynasty Chocolate Bars and Christmas candy coming out just around the corner.

Palmer Chocolate Lover

Now for a very cool word from our sponsor:

Just in time for the spookiest of holidays, R.M. Palmer Company has launched their new Halloween website filled with easy-to-make candy-inspired recipes, kid-friendly crafts and inexpensive party decoration ideas. The chocolatier, known for Making Candy Fun!TM, has focused on helping budget-conscious moms find fun and creative ways to celebrate Halloween without spending a lot of money.

Visit Palmer’s new Halloween website to find:


Palmer’s Halloween site features a Halloween crafts section filled with downloadable coloring pages, pumpkin carving stencils and trick-or-treat packs for kids of all ages. One trick-or-treat idea that’s out of the ordinary (and can be made for about $1 each) are the trick-or-treat packs. Constructed from recyclable materials and products you’d find around the house, kids can let their imaginations run wild – creating bats, spiders, pumpkins and other hauntingly fun pieces for the packs. Visit the Trick-or-Treat Packs page for details.

Trick-or-Treat Packs are an inexpensive and fun craft for kids to make and give this Halloween.
Trick-or-Treat Packs are an inexpensive and fun craft for kids to make and give this Halloween.


The new site also has a Halloween recipe area, featuring eight kid- and parent-approved recipes like Zombie Dirt Dessert, BOO! Cake and Creepy Peepers Pumpkin Pudding Trifle. Each recipe can be made for around $10 and are designed to allow kids of all ages the chance to join the fun.

Recipes like the Zombie Dirt Dessert give candy lovers the opportunity to incorporate tasty Palmer Halloween treats into their Halloween party menus.
Recipes like the Zombie Dirt Dessert give candy lovers the opportunity to incorporate tasty Palmer Halloween treats into their Halloween party menus.

Party Décor

Looking for a unique addition to your Halloween décor? Check out our crafts section to find ideas like Halloween Party Candy Towers and add a tasty centerpiece for your table. With a budget-friendly supply list, you can easily create an impressively spooky (and fun to eat) centerpiece in about an hour. Complete your hauntingly good look with Halloween-themed sweets like Palmer’s Goog-ly Eyes, Chocolaty Body Parts or Ghostly Goodies.

More Boo for Your Buck

Trick or Treaters love Palmer too! Moms appreciate Palmer’s reasonably priced Candy Dish Value Bags and Trick or Treat Bags – filled with up to 3 pounds of candy per bag – all under a suggested retail price of $9.99. Use our convenient Candy Finder to find nearby retailers (more than 80,000 in the US) carrying Palmer’s Halloween products, including the new Snappin’ Skulls with Pop Rocks® and big Value Bags.

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