Reset Your Mind With a Vacation

You need a vacation. Of course, you already know that. But some people require a bit of extra prodding, especially moms. Tell a busy mom that she needs a vacation, and she will start in on all the reasons it is just not possible. Moms, listen up: It is not only possible, but necessary.

Reset Your Mind With a Vacation

Think about all those reasons you keep coming up with for not taking a vacation, those are precisely the reasons why you need one. You are on your way to a case of executive burnout, except without the paycheck or the year-long sabbatical. You need to reset your mind with a vacation. Here’s why and how:

Make It A Part of Your Yearly Routine

One of the ways to get yourself to go on a vacation is to purchase a timeshare. That way, you will always have some place to go, and incentive to go there. Just remember that luxury timeshare locations like Welk Resorts are real estate packages. You need to research it and treat it like any other real estate deal. If you are unfamiliar with timeshares, you should talk to a professional about them. Among other places, Welk timeshare contact information can be found on their Facebook page.

Welk timeshare is one of the better known options. But there are plenty of timeshare locations and packages to choose from. So be sure to do your homework to find the one that’s right for you. The advantage of this type of investment is that busy moms can put an annual vacation time on the calendar. A regular getaway makes burnout less likely, and stress more manageable. Don’t make vacationing a once in a lifetime thing. Stress comes more than once in a lifetime. So should your vacations.

It Won’t Fall Apart Without You

One of the worst reasons moms give for not going on vacation is that everything will fall apart without them. Let’s set aside the implications of narcissism inherent in this position. But in case you need a dose of cold, hard reality, here it is: People die every minute of every day, even moms. Life goes on. It will go on without you, too.

Rather than treating your family like incompetents incapable of learning, try empowering your family to survive when you are away. Teach them to cook their favorite meals. Instill values of cleanliness and tidiness. Make sure they know where the dishwashing soap is, and how to use it.

Don’t leave them in a condition of such extreme dependence that they can’t function for a week without you. As a mom, you are not the family’s servant. You are their life coach. The purpose of a coach is to empower. When you empower your family, you can be liberated to take the same needed breaks as everyone else in the family feels free to take.

To Be the Best Mom, You Have to Be Your Best Self

Snickers has a brilliant marketing campaign with the tagline, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” This applies to some much more than hunger. You are also not you when you’re stressed, exhausted, overworked, and burned out on life.

Avoiding a vacation does not make you a better mom. It makes you a worse mom. With the best of intentions, you make mistakes in judgement and execution. Your emotions are unsettled. You are not at your best.

This is a recipe for clinical depression. The mormons are known for having strong families. They are also known for having the highest antidepressant use and suicide rate. So well-known is this fact that it is considered an epidemic by some experts. If you don’t take care of yourself, you become a victim of your own good intentions.

As a mom, you wouldn’t let a member of your family go without a needed break. You would make sure that they had some type of annual expectation of rest, make sure they didn’t take on too much responsibility, and help them be their best selves. It is past time you take your own advice.

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