Reasons why you should avoid buying bottled water

Disposable plastics are a common part of contemporary consumer culture. The purchase of water in plastic bottles is becoming more and more familiar in today’s society. Many even feel a commitment to a specific brand of bottled water and more often than not, they do not think about the environmental, financial, and health impact of the bottled water industry.

Purchasing reusable bottles and containers is a way you can combat the pollution problem created by bottled water, and reusable containers allow for more convenience and avoid negative health and environmental consequences. Thus bringing the reversal process of the negative impact of our routine.

WITHOUT THE TRASHHere are a few reasons why you should avoid buying bottled water:

  1. Cost: Bottled water is often more per gallon than gasoline.
  2. Health and safety: There are more protections in place for your tap water than for bottled water. The FDA monitors the bottled water industry, but the FDA is understaffed for this gargantuan task.
  3. The actual source for most bottled water brands is unclear. Water bottled for consumers is often (not always) bottled tap water, just from a different pump than your sink.
  4. The consumer marketed bottled of water is not often temperature controlled during storage or transit, and too much heat can allow chemicals to leach out of the bottles or allow bacteria to grow, posing a potential health risk.
  5. After drinking a bottle of water, the plastic bottle is usually thrown in the nearest trash can, becoming a major contributor to landfill problems. The EPA states that plastic bottles make up a significant portion of landfill waste and plastic bottles will even find their way to The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is bigger than the State of Texas and floats in the Pacific Ocean.

You can make a difference and help put an end to these problems. Test your own tap water and install a home filter to be sure of purity. Then refill your personal water container on a regular basis and be ready for your busy day knowing you are saving money, being healthy, and protecting the environment.

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