edx Education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set Grows Focused Playtime

edx Education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set Grows Focused Playtime

The holidays are the perfect time to inspire construction and creativity with the edx education FunPlay Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set. You can now encourage visual perception, sorting, counting, sequencing, stacking for preschool and kindergarten aged children during the holiday downtime right at home. Perfect to keep their minds bright and fun through educational tools.

The edx education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set includes: 1 Messy Tray, 25 double-sided activity cards and 36 plastic pebbles. Size of pebbles are 1″L x 0.75″W x 0.25″H – 3.25″L x 2″W x 0.5″H. Peddle colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and gray. Each providing a unique perspective on creativity and developing skill level.

edx Education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set Grows Focused Playtime

You can purchase the FunPlay Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set by edx education on Amazon.com with free shipping for the holidays!

Grows Focused Based Play

It is great for children who need help focusing as well. Let them practice their focused attention skills by setting up a sensory bin with this kit, dirt, rice, sand or water! It provides a place of structure and attention based play. Not to mention the fun that will be had in the process of play. Children are fascinated by these stacking stones’ bright colors, odd shapes and warm feel. When adding in texture, it brings on a world of amusement and wonder to the new skills they are building upon.

Play is the best teacher!

– edx education
edx Education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set Grows Focused Playtime

The Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set is perfect for sensory bins and at-home learning, the wonderful tactile experience of the smooth, rubbery pebbles in six different colors will delight the senses. The vibrant colors and varying sizes of the rainbow rocks inspire kids to practice their adjectives, recognize colors and talk about their designs!

Building Math Skills

This is truly a activity kit that will grow with you. Young minds will love this educational toy as they count, sort, build, add and subtract. Parents can use the Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set as a teaching aid to guide children on the path to school readiness! As children age, so will the learning level. Use this as a kindergarten math activity that teaches early counting, addition and subtraction. In addition as children create with the pebbles, they will sort, sequence and improve language skills.

edx Education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set Grows Focused Playtime

Let’s talk STEM!

The grippy plastic pebbles are perfect to stack and develop fine motor skills to make shapes or teach children counting and sorting. Teaching STEM at the base level. These are lifelong learning abilities that we need to nurture at a young age and then improve upon during later stages of development.

No matter if it is a gift during the holidays, a classroom purchase or homeschool kit, the edx education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set is a big win for playtime education. So much good comes from one box with screen-free learning and skill development at it’s best.

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  1. This looks like an interesting activity set. It is amazing what they have come up with to help with learning.

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