Quirks of a Fabulous Three Year Old!

As my youngest ages, I find out more and more each day how he is awesomely unique. There are dozens of little things that set him apart from his siblings. Some which I cringe to admit and some that just make me smile. Here is a online memory of some fun Spring moments.

Tomato Man

For the love of all things tomato. My E prefers them to any veggie or fruit. In fact he will snag one from the fridge and eat it just like some would an apple: whole!

Sock Hands

Our three year old has an obsession with socks. However according to him they are meant for the hands and not feet. This trend is something he observes both day and night. I often wonder if this is a phobia that we will eventually have to deal with. For now, we are happy it makes him feel happy.

Elliot at Chuck E Cheese

Mr. E often hides his star quality in public. He prefers to be “cool” with hat and shade wherever we go. Think he is preparing for a bright future?

Zombie Hunter

Confession: My child loves Zombies and we indulge him. Our motto is ‘fear nothing’ even at a young age.

What funny quirks does your child have?

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