Protecting the most important things in life.

Warmer weather means summer travel and tons of outdoor activities. From heading to Disney for a weekend to experiencing the mud run as a family, we often find the words ‘play hard and get dirt’ are one and the same. This is where all free clear comes in and helps this supermom in protecting the most important things in life without them even knowing!

Protecting the most important things in life.

Take my Low’s best friends for example. These adorable plushy characters would deserve nothing but the best treatment. They have been there for his first dentist visit, his first plane ride and even his snuggle to battle those fears of being alone in the dark. Using a pediatrician recommended detergent is not only suggested but a requirement in my home. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of my guy’s wrath if something ever happened to Mike and Sully. No way, no how.

Low Sunshine

Though in all honesty, the most important things in my life are not things at all but human beings. My family, my children are everything to me and I can’t even being to think of a world where they do not exist. Talk about a hard swallow just typing those words.

Every moment, yes – even the small ones like laying in the grass and watching the clouds past by, are stocked away as a memory in our lives. One that I will cherish for as long as I am able. Our time on this Earth can be ended at any moment unexpectedly. So each day when I wake up, I am joyful to see their smiling and occasionally grumpy faces. A kiss, a huge and a sweet good morning can always be had in our home.

circus girls

While our travels and excursions are a plenty to be had, I am always a careful and thoughtful watcher. Making sure that everyone is safe and happy along the way. Hopefully one day, they will look back on the moments and remember my love for them. They will hold on to my strength even as they grow until adulthood and pass it on to their family in the future.

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