How to Protect Your Garden from Insects & Animals

How to Protect Your Garden from Insects & Animals

It can be hard work trying to protect a garden during the summer. It seems like there is always something out there that is trying to destroy what you have worked so hard to defend. You have to guard your fruits and vegetables from rabbits so you put up a fence to keep them out. Then you forget that you have birds that love to eat them as well. On top of all that you have plenty of ants and other bugs that will eat your whole garden if you’re not careful. So here are some ideas to help you protect your garden this summer and make sure you can keep all your fruit and vegetables.

Rabbit In Garden

Protection From Rabbits and Other Critters

For Smaller Gardens

These cute little devils love to eat just about anything and can get to it pretty easily. The best way to protect you from them is to put up a small fence. The size of the fence depends on the size of your garden. If it is just a small garden that you do most of the work on your knees you might want to consider getting a small picket like fence. Rabbits don’t hop as much as cartoons give them credit so you might want something about 2 feet tall.

For Large Gardens

If you’re in a larger garden then you might want to take the time to install a 4-5 foot fence around the whole garden and install a gate for you to get in and out. Clear the area first, call up Elk Grove tree care to handle removal, transplanting and root issues. Once the fence you want is installed it would not be a bad idea to line your fence with some kind of screen made of thin plastic or metal. You can find these at any local hardware store and is sometimes called a plant fence. This allows you to have a nice looking fence and keep all the critters out. If you want a specific type of fence other than a plant fence, you may seek advice from a professional fencing contractor in Canberra. They could recommend you a more suitable design for your garden.


Keeping the Birds Out

For A Large Garden

Well this one is pretty simple and easy to understand. Just like in the wizard of Oz you can install a scarecrow in your garden and that will help distract the birds and keep them away. However, if you just strap on a stick and stick it in the ground it won’t do too much harm if it can’t move. Make sure some of the clothing is lose so it will blow around in the breeze. If your handy enough (or your husband is) try to build your scarecrow on a pivot or hinge so whenever a good gust of wind comes it will scare away any bird by swinging around.

For A Small Garden

The simplest one for this is to get a really thing mesh like net that you can drape over your garden. You can get some zip ties and strap it to the fence so it won’t blow away all the time. Make sure you make it easy to lift and replace so you can go in and pick your tasty fruits and vegetables.  This will protect your garden from all birds and even help more with rabbits.


Keeping the Bugs Out

Now not all bugs are bad in a garden, and you do want some of them to visit. There are evil bugs out there who seek to destroy all your fruits and vegetables. For this one you might want to buy some kind of repellant or spray that will keep the bugs away. If you want to stay green and not hurt the environment then you should try to plant some marigolds in your garden. These are beautiful and will bring in some bees to help speed up the pollination process. They also emit a bad odor to most bugs and will keep them out of your garden.

Even when you do this bugs and other animals won’t give up trying to get into your garden. It’s their way of life and what they have to do to survive. If you use these ideas and maintain your garden on a daily basis you can bet that you will still have a great looking garden all summer long!

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