A Pristine Home With Kids? Here’s How You Make It A Reality

Dedicate One Room To Toys/Play

Do you think that a pristine home with kids is nothing but a daydream? That it’s actually not possible and anybody who says it is is either lying or deluded? You’re not alone. Keeping a pristine home when you have kids being kids is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

With the pointers in this guide, you’re going to be able to make your pristine home a reality. Read on for some invaluable tips that will help you:

Give Your Kids Chores From An Early Age

Give Your Kids Chores From An Early Age

Don’t let your kids grow up with you doing everything for them. When you decide you’ve had enough of this and you finally want them to chip in, they will be so flabbergasted you’ve had the audacity to help that they will kick up the biggest stink imaginable. It won’t be their fault either; you can’t be their personal maid and then suddenly expect them to do something they’ve never done in their lives. Start when they are really small, even if it’s just letting them sweep up (with you doing it again later when they’ve gone to bed). Getting them used to helping will make them more efficient at it as they age, and they might actually learn to enjoy it.

It’s a good idea to give them non negotiable chores, such as making their own beds every morning. Then, as they age, you can give them more chores depending on what needs to be done, how many kids you have, etc. You can create a chart that outlines who does what on what day, so that there are no disputes on what should be done and who does it. This can help to keep the house running smoothly and looking great. Try to make it fun for the kids, though, such as giving them a sticker when they have completed their tasks. With so many stickers, perhaps you could give them a small treat.

Do A Little Bit Every Single Day

Instead of doing everything in one day, aim to do at least a little bit. You can do this a number of ways, depending on what you prefer. You can allocate one room or one big task to one specific day, or you can simply aim to leave every room you enter in better condition. It can take seconds to tidy up stacks of magazines, to dust a table, and arrange flowers, etc, but if you leave them all until later you either won’t do them or you’ll get fed up that you have so much to do.

Dedicate One Room To Toys/Play

Dedicate One Room To Toys/Play

Don’t let your kids have free reign of the house with their toys. Dedicating one room to toys and play can help to combat this. For example, creating a dedicated play room for them gives them somewhere to allow their imaginations to run wild, and you don’t have to ruin the vibe by shouting at them to tidy up every hour on the hour. Maybe have some house rules, such as toys are banned from the living room, or only one toy is allowed to be brought in at one time. Even if you have one room in the house that is off limits when it comes to toys, at least you know you’ll never have to worry about that space.

Know Which Areas/Things In The Home Get The Dirtiest Or Annoy You The Most

In your head you probably have a good idea of the areas or things that annoy you, or get the dirtiest. If you tackle these things first or do them more often than you usually do things, then you can minimize your annoyance and ensure your home is at least passable.

Block Out Time For Household Cleaning

You don’t need to dedicate a whole day, or even hours to household cleaning. Life is for living, not for cleaning! However, blocking out time for household cleaning can make the chores more effective. Simple 15 minute blocks work really well, and you can fit a lot into 15 minutes. You could scrub the toilets, wipe over the windows, or tackle another task that will help with the bigger picture.

Aim To Live A More Minimal Lifestyle

Aim To Live A More Minimal Lifestyle

Aiming to live a more minimal lifestyle, rather than a consumerist lifestyle like most live these days, is a perfect way to avoid clutter and free up space in your life and home. There are ways you can have no clutter at all in your home, such as dealing with letters as soon as they come through the letterbox, rather than putting them to one side and then dealing with them later. When it comes to purchasing things, make sure you really think about it first. Ideally, you should give yourself at least a few weeks to think about a purchase, as this allows you to mull over it properly and get a good idea of whether you really wanted it, or if it was just a novelty that wore off. Most of the time, you’ll save money and clutter in the home as you forget about the item and realize you weren’t that bothered about it after all. A more minimal lifestyle can also mean creating capsule wardrobes, giving you less to wash, iron, and organize. Plus, you’ll save time in the morning when you get dressed! Make sure you don’t just throw toys at your kids to make them happy either. Teach them to get happiness and entertainment from books, arts and crafts, and their own imaginations.

Use Natural Products

Using natural products has numerous benefits on your home and life. Just take a look at Better life and you’ll see how the ingredients differ from many toxic products found in the house today. Natural products usually smell better, are better for the environment, are better for us/kids/pets, and in some cases you can make them yourself.

Invest In Great Storage Solutions

A pristine home with kids always has fabulous storage solutions. You’ll need storage solutions for toys, storage solutions for seasonal clothes, storage solutions for shoes – storage solutions for just about anything that can end up taking over the house. You can double up on furniture by making sure you can store things in them, such as beds and ottomans. Stackable storage solutions are great for playrooms, while vertical storage solutions can help to make the most of floor space in smaller rooms.

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful and you love what they do to your home. If you still wish you had more time, it could be time to consider hiring outside help!

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