Levels of Discovery Princess Fainting Couch with Storage Review & Giveaway

At Levels of Discovery, they’re all about kids. Bringing creativity, fun & joy to the world of children’s products. Their promise is to delight, to amuse & to surprise the customer with unique products of the highest quality at an excellent value. They know how important kids are & will treat each new product like it is being made for one of their own children!

Levels of Discovery made their official debut in May 2002 with nine Rock A Buddies rockers. Due to their loyal customers and dedicated LOD team, they have experienced tremendous growth & success over the last eight years with a current product offering of over 100 SKU! So whether you’re looking for rockers, rocking horses, step stools or entire coordinating furniture collections, checkout Levels of Discovery fun themes, innovative designs and multiple price points that are sure to please!

Princess Fainting Couch with Storage

This beautiful storage bench includes a sophisticated fainting couch design with removable back, arm and seat cushions and a slow-closing metal safety hinge.

What the Momma thinks…

What a glamourous life my daughters must think they lead. My daughter already says she is famous because her photos appear on motherhooddefined.com and facebook. Now she can truly feel like the princess that she is to me when lounging on her very own Princess Fainting Couch. After all it is painted with her favorite colors, pink and purple and decorated with gold, fancy writing. In her words, “This is my dream come true!”

On a more serious product note though, the Princess Fainting Couch with Storage is created from a sturdy wood base. Even I can sit upon her throne and not worry about damaging the structure. The cushioning was placed in a manner so that it can be removed and washed if neccessary. It is also perfectly allined with the wood design which allows for the storage under the seat to be able to be opened without having to remove the seat cushion.

The hinge on the opening of the storage space does not make a sound when opened and very (I mean very) slowly let the lid close after opening. This is amazing when you think about safety and important when you have young children that do not think about things like the lid closing on their poor fingers or even worse bumping the head. The storage space is large enough to fit several toys in it. We elected to put our dressup clothes and play makeup in thie space. Honestly what a better place for it, right?

Levels of Discovery Princess Fainting Couch with Storage is a great starter piece for the ultimate princess room. You can find matching princess furniture pieces such as: Kiddie-Ups Princess Rocking Horse, Princess Revolving Bookcase, Princess Vanity Table & Chair Set and much more. With so many options and amazing quality, it is hard not to love Levels of Discovery products.

BUY IT: Purchase the Discovery Princess Fainting Couch with Storage from Amazon.com and other authorized retailers around the globe!

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