Look great for less ~ AVON Pretty Polished Mini Set

One of my top tips for making yourself look great for less is by adding a coat of paint to your nails. Just something about the wow effect brightens the mood and will pull others gaze to your best feature…. the hands. For those of you who talk with your hands like I do most of the time, this is a great way to help lighten the mood and get a happy pace flowing.

My recent must have nail find was from a company that I love but haven’t visited as often as I use to, AVON. Not only are they empowering women of all types to take control of their life but they offer a wide range of products at affordable prices including the Pretty Polished Mini Set.

At just $7.99, the Pretty Polished Mini Set from Avon is am amazing way to a spruce up your look without breaking the bank. The mini polishes are also small enough that hopefully you will use them to the last drop before they dry out or separate (around the 4-6 month time frame).

Another reason I am super fond of the Pretty Polished Mini Set is that you can create a variety of styles with this one set. Each polish can be worn alone for a great winter look or start with one of the solids (real red or midnight plum) and add a top coat with one of the glitter polishes included (gold or silver). Either way you get a several fashionable looks for less than $10!

BUY IT: Contact your local Avon representative to purchase the Pretty Polished Mini Set.

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