Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are already thinking about how we will get back in shape after having our fill of turkey and mince pies. In fact, losing weight and getting fit is one of the most popular new year’s resolutions, with millions of people around the world pledging every year to start a new weight loss regime from the second the clock strikes midnight.

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Losing Weight with a Baby

However, for some the idea of tackling weight loss poses more of a challenge than for others. In particular, new mums find it difficult to fit in an exercise regime around their already-busy schedule of looking after baby. But for many new mums, getting back into fitness is an important part of relaxing back into life post-pregnancy. Don’t be mistaken – this isn’t about trying to conform to how the media says you should look, or how quickly some celebrity has managed to shed their pregnancy pounds. For new mums, getting fit is simply about being happy and healthy in your new role. So here are some amazing tips for how you can get back into exercise with a little one in tow.

Outdoor Exercise

Fresh air is good for your whole body, and your mind too! Not only will going outside help to clear the cobwebs and give you a positive outlook on life, but it will also help to speed up your body’s metabolism. Whether you’re a walker or runner, investing in a good travel system will help you to engage your body without leaving baby behind. BBritax UK have some superb models, including both off-road and multi-surface models.

Baby Friendly Gyms

Gyms aren’t cheap, but if you can afford to be a member then it’s certainly a good idea to look for one of the many baby friendly gyms which have popped up in recent years. Gym owners are recognising the importance of making their facilities accessible to new mums, so the good ones will offer not just a relaxing atmosphere and comprehensive facilities, but also a built-in child minding service. This will leave you free to enjoy your exercise, safe in the knowledge that baby is in good hands.

Mummy and Baby Classes

In addition to the number of baby friendly gyms, there are also plenty of classes which mums and babies can both take part in at the same time. Baby yoga and baby swimming are two perfect examples of classes which will not only give you a chance to work out, but will aid your baby’s development as well. Both you and your baby will have fun, and it’s also a great way to meet other new parents.

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