Everything That You Need To Know About Portable Aromatherapy

Everything That You Need To Know About Portable Aromatherapy

Everything That You Need To Know About Portable Aromatherapy

For generations, people have been making essential oils from all natural plants and natural products. These essential oils smelled good, and many were used as perfume. Many had healing properties that would cure many serious conditions, to people and animals.

In recent times, natural remedies are making a come-back. As people are having more problems getting medications they need from doctors, and prescriptions are bringing serious side-effects that are having an impact on the world. Essential oils have a proven track record.

Some good things about incense

Using essential oil during yoga, meditation, and healing relaxes the nerves. It helps build your natural stress levels so you can rest.

There are natural essential oils that boost your energy and elevate your mood. There are oils that take away some pain, ease anxiety.

Everything That You Need To Know About Portable Aromatherapy


You can take incense with you and use it anywhere. Some people prefer Incense sticks because their scent fills the room and lingers. This gives a calming effect to the entire hours.

Some people use the cones. They are easy to carry in a bag and small enough to easily carry in your pocket, purse, or vehicle. The cones are the same oils and ingredients that are on the sticks, without the bamboo sticks.

Know what you are buying

Essential oils are not inexpensive. If you are buying incense that is very cheap, you are probably not getting real essential oil.

Sometimes you light an incense and the scent doesn’t last or has a chemical smell. Those are probably not made of real essential oil. If you are buying the oil itself, it should come to you in a small dark bottle. Light affects the quality of the oil.


You have to understand that high-quality essential oils take a lot of high-quality products to create. To make one pound of Lavender Essential Oil, it takes 150 pounds of quality, fresh, lavender.

It takes 250 pounds of fresh peppermint plants to make one pound of peppermint. When you add the cost of the other materials and the time it takes to create the oil before it is even decided how the oil is going to be used.

If you are buying your oil at a very low price, you are probably gotten ripped off.


One reason that it is important where you get your oil. Some of the oil is rubbed on the skin. Some are dropped in food or tea to drink.


If you have a dog that is nervous, a few drops of Lavender essential oil in the dog’s food. He will be less anxious for bathing, grooming, vet visits and around people who they do not know. If your dog has a hot spot that is red or itchy rub a drop or two on the spot. Finally, misting your dog with lavender oils mixed with a little water will repel insects, fleas, and ticks. It doesn’t kill the insects, it keeps them from getting on the animal. Misting your room with mixture has the same effect on insects out of your home.

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