Poppy Tattoo Cover-Up #InkedMom

When people meet me, they always seem to be surprised. I have been told my positive energy is contagious and I leave my mark on those I come in contact with. I guess you can say my online personality is dull compared to real me. So many suggested that I start sharing my true personality in my writings. After much thought, I am happy to say that I agree.

So get to know the woman behind Mom to Bed by 8, piece by piece. I truly hope you will all laugh harder, love deeply and cry with passion as I do during this journey.

First on my get to know you list comes the birth of #InkedMom

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”  ~ Johnny Depp

Poppy Tattoo Cover-Up

Little did I know the medial malleolus was the first spot I ever squealed like a girl when the tattoo guy touched my skin. I have had my far share of ink done and in places I have been told grown men take breaks to breathe from without batting an eye. But that darn ankle made me duck my head in shame at the sound that came from my mouth. Of course like with most work after about a half hour the dull numb set in and I was able to go back to my book.

Yes, I read when under the gun. Hehe – haha – go ahead and laugh away. I would read in the shower if I could find a waterproof e-reader.

Butterfly, really? ~ Stubborn youth that excelled in homemade tattoos. A true art ink and sewing needle situation. Do Not Try This At Home!

Why a poppy?~ Well in true #inkedmom fashion, I let my eight year old daughter select between a few flowers I was considering and she laid demands of the purple kind. All I did was add in the bud only and go as dark as possible without being blacked. Then walla my tattoo artist did the rest.

Am I happy with the transformation? ~ He** yes! The poppy is lovely and feminine. The color mixture turned out better than I expected. I cannot wait till summer and flip-flops.

What would I do different if anything? ~ Wait for warmer temps to have the work done. Wearing socks {which were required in 0 degree weather} made it harder to be comfortable with the healing process. I also tend to have dry skin in the winter months. Which means the skin above the tat dried out and itched a lot more than normal. Annoying but I managed.

“Wear your heart on your skin in this life.” ~ Sylvia Plath

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