Things to Consider Before Purchasing Spa Robes

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Plush Robes

The combination of both a fine fabric as well as the perfect spa robes is the core of providing a luxurious robe experience. Other than its usefulness, spa robes will also be able to provide you with the additional advantage of that of a touch of extraordinary comfort. You will be able to experience wearing these very comfortable spa robes not only in hotels, but you may also wear this robe in your very own home as spa robes are now widely available across both physical and online shops.

Before you decide on purchasing your own robe, it is quite necessary that you determine what kind of robe you really want so you would not have to spend your money on something which is completely not right for you. Furthermore, it is also important to bear in mind that not all of the robes are made equal, and this is the reason why it is important that you should always seek information first on the qualities you would want to have in a robe.

Robes come in various types – be it for men, ladies, girls, unisex, one-size-fits-all, large robes or small robes. You could also choose between thick robes or those which are light weight. 

What to Consider When Buying Spa Robes

It is now time to take a look at the things that you need to take into account when finding the right spa robe that would not only provide you with a spa-like feel, but it will also suit your budget at best.

1. Determine the type of fabric that you would like your robe to have.

Your preference of fabric is crucial, and the justification is that when you don the robe, the fabric is the one which will give you the feels. It is what you feel whenever you put on your spa robe. There are two known fabrics which are recognized as the best – the waffle weave and the terry cloth. 

The terry cloth variety is the thick and spa type, whereas the lighter and thinner cloth is the waffle weave. Moreover, the best robe used mostly for bathing purposes would be the one which is made out of cotton, the reason being that the cotton has the ability to quickly absorb water. Cotton also comes in various types – cotton fabrics are low, medium and high-grade. Cotton is the most widely used fabric for bathrobes.

There are also other kimono robes which are made out of a waffle weave fabric, which has become a popular choice as spa robes as well. The waffle weave robes are the perfect ones that can be used for covering up your body since they are made of light material are also not very warm.

The robe’s quality is ascertained by the fabric being used; high-quality robes will definitely last longer than those robes which are just made out from low-quality material. There are already a lot of choices available today. There are 100% cotton fabrics and the other one is a combination of cotton and polyester.

  • Cotton

Cotton is the best choice for a robe since the cotton fabric is extremely absorbent with water as well as other different liquids. Therefore, cotton-made spa robes will certainly make you feel good when you get fresh from a bath. The variety of cotton which is of a low-medium quality is usually the type of material that is used to blend products and it is also the material used mostly for mass production. On the other side, a high-grade cotton fabric is widely popular for its softness and luxurious feel. The high-grade varieties are the ones which are made out from Turkish, Pima, Supima, Egyptian and Sea Island varieties. On all of the above-mentioned materials, the Egyptian cotton robe is by far the most famous on the market and is also the ideal choice that you should choose.

As great as this might be, there will still be slight flaws linked with 100% cotton-made robes – this is so commonly attributable to the fact that the fabric easily wrinkles and that it shrinks after washing. You must therefore consider purchasing one with a combination of polyester and wrinkle-free or shrinkage-free treatment in order to prevent this.

  • Polyester

This type of spa robe is made out of polyester, a man-made fabric which is not the same as that with cotton. Often, polyester is blended with cotton to produce a robe that would not shrink or wrinkle immediately after washing the robe.

2. Know the perfect style of spa robe that will suit you.

There are a variety of robe styles. The most commonly purchased ones are the shawl-collared robes and the kimono robes. 

The shawl collar robe typically has a wrap around the neck as if you are putting on a shawl around the neck. This functionality offers you ultimate warmth and comfort.

On the one hand, the Kimono robe is more typically tailored fit with a wrist-length sleeve as well as a smooth flat collar area. The kimono robes are more popular known as the spa robes because they provide a stylish fit and also have a light weight feel.

There is also the hooded robes which are the perfect type to slip over after a swimming session or when you have wet hair after taking a shower. The hood will be able to offer additional warmth and coziness.

Overall, whenever it comes to choosing the fabric that would be perfect for your robe, the decision will all boil down to its thickness (the weight), absorbency, its style or cut, the appearance and, of course, the comfort that it can provide when you wear it. You might not want to don a robe which is too bulky or if a robe which fabric might be a material which repels water or any other fluids. Also, be cautious with those robes which are labelled to be one-size-fits-all. You can never be certain that it will properly fit you, and the truth is that you might even get something which is too big or too small than your actual size.

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