Please and Carrots is the ideal boutique subscription box for children’s toys!

As you know, subscription boxes are very popular right now. There’s a subscription box for everything from gourmet foods to pet treats. Now there is a new subscription box service called Please and Carrots that is for babies from birth to 3 years old. It’s a really cool subscription because it comes with toys and books that are geared to how old your baby is at the time of the shipment. Most subscription boxes are delivered once a month but Please and Carrots works a little bit differently. Instead of once a month, you will receive a box once every 3 months. The toys and books are specially chosen by a panel of pediatricians, child psychologists, speech therapists and educators to be educational and age appropriate. In each box you will receive 3 to 4 full sized toys and 1 to 2 books. Members also have access to exclusive online content and an exclusive forum.



I received the Please and Carrots  2 ½ year old (30 to 33 months) Tiger box to review. It contained 4 toys and 1 book. The toys are high quality, you can tell as soon as you see and touch them. These aren’t the kind of toys you will find in a dollar store or discount store. These are very upscale products.  My little one and I loved everything in the box. We have story time at bedtime and I read the book that night. I love that these items were all specially chosen by a group of experts that specialize in child education and development. It’s more than just playing with a toy or listening to you read a book. These toys and books are made to help the development of your child and focus on their education. The toys are brightly colored with different patterns and textures that stimulate baby’s mind. They also come with information for parents explaining how they work to further a child’s development and tells them how the toys should be used. There are also tips for language and developmental activities in the box and online.

Please and Carrots Presentation

I am definitely considering subscribing for the entire year. I don’t always have the time to research educational toys and choose the best ones for my baby. With Please and Carrots I can feel confident that my child is playing with safe, good quality toys that are being carefully chosen by experts. I also feel good knowing that I am helping my child to learn and grow by providing developmentally and educationally focused toys and books. They also offer members an exclusive online forum with information and advice from experts and other parents. I haven’t seen any other subscription service offer an exclusive forum and content to it’s subscribers. I would definitely suggest checking out a Please and Carrots box or one year subscription for your own baby or as a really great baby or baby shower gift.

Please and Carrots

At $120 a box, this is a high end subscription box that I believe is well worth it. If you break the price down per item it seems more reasonable and probably comes close to buying at retail stores You also have the option of paying for the entire year and getting a discount if you would like to save a few dollars. Please and Carrots is different from other subscriptions and offers something for your baby that no other service does.


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