Playtime with Farmer E and the Fold & Go Barn

IMG_20130313_123056Nothing is more magical in this world than seeing a smile on a child’s face. While it seems that we spend our days rushing about with forced emotions to get it all done quickly and correctly, I even often forget how easy it is to bring about the most memorable memories. The kind that will burn in our brains forever and bring us joy long after our children have grown to care for their own.

As a parent I do my best at making sure I take time with each of my children, both as a group and individually. However I found that with my toddler, playtime is often difficult. You see he is very different from my other children in that he does not care too much for toys or games. He is happy sitting and waiting a show with mom or talking a walk and even playing around in the park. While I love the simplicity of his nature, it makes daytime hours longer in the winter months. Taking his demeanor in to consideration and my love for classic wooden toys, I added the Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn to our collection.

While I was overly happy with the build of the barn and the study, yet simple plastic animals, he not as impressed. Until……


Mom started playing with his toys. While I will say that it is my job to test the durability of products, I secretly hold a fond love for playtime in my heart. My childhood was short lived and I marvel in being able to spend time with my children in their imaginative worlds. With that being said the Fold & Go Barn like many of the Melissa & Doug toys we have lined on our toy shelves are created from quality, traditional wooden material. They withstand the test of time and age as long as the pieces are cared for.

After a few choice moments of me arranging the fence and positioning the animals in a playful manner, Elliot to my delight joined me on the floor. He made the oinking sounds of a pig and bounced it around in and out of the pen. He took a special liking to the dog which is by far his favorite pet at this time. Short kisses we placed on the puppy’s head as he proceeded to add him to the top floor of the open barn mumbling about my doggie and bedtime. I do believe I sighed with joy.

Several more moments past until he was done and the interest was lost. I am still marveled at the 20+ minutes of time we spent engaged in floor time since of course I am all but lucky if he takes a second look at anything that resembles a toy of sort. Placed back on the shelves with other fond treasure the fold & go barn went till the next time I can bring farmer E to life.


Young MacDonalds will enjoy “down on the farm” fun with this fully assembled, wooden barn. Two-story barn is stocked with seven realistic plastic farm animals, a wooden ladder and a folding corral. Chunky handles let you take your bit of “country” wherever you go!

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A few important facts about the Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn:

1. Never fear the need for classic quality when reaching for a Melissa & Doug toy. In my experience they are all well made with the aspects of even the youngest tot in mind.

2. Age need not be a factor. I know that I have mention classic on more than one occasion when relating to Melissa & Doug products. They design and style are something that I can image I would have seen in toy makers shops many year ago. However that same product is accepted and loved by even the most modern children of this generation.

3. Price is one of those unique factors. Melissa & Doug products are fair in price meaning not beyond the means of a smaller income but not cheap enough to be tossed aside as inferior. I was excited to see that Target now stocks their products openly and hope that they continue to do so making it an easier product to find. Note they are one of my most beloved toy brands.

Fold Go Barn

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The Fold & Go Barn is available on the Melissa & Doug website.

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What ideas do you have on making playtime more attractive to a toddler?

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