4 Amazing Ways to Plan the Ultimate Surprise Birthday Party

4 Amazing Ways to Plan the Ultimate Surprise Birthday Party

After nearly two years of simply being unable to meet up with special friends, family, and loved ones due to the devastating worldwide coronavirus pandemic, now is finally the time to spend as much time as possible and make as many new memories with those cherished people in your life. 

If a beloved, long-time friend or a member of your family has a birthday in the not-too-distant future, start planning the ultimate surprise party which will simultaneously ensure your loved one has an incredible night of surprises, partying, and birthday presents and can be reunited with every single special person in their life.

1. Pick a Meaningful Party Theme 

By far the best and most meaningful way to pick a theme for your bestie’s surprise birthday party is picking a movie franchise or cartoon series that they are utterly obsessed with. Choose a fancy dress theme that has a lot of scope and variety in terms of options for characters, and don’t forget to secretly acquire your bestie’s measurements and choose the loudest, most garish, and most colorful costume for them. 

Reflect your party theme in the décor of the room. For example, if your best friend is obsessed with The Simpsons, invest in yellow tablecloths, yellow napkins, a huge balloon-made sign, and Bart’s face on the plate. You know the kind of vibe! To take your Simpsons-themed party décor to the next level, consider incorporating custom inflatables. These custom-made inflatables can be created to fit your party theme and can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as giant inflatable donuts, beer cans, or even a replica of the iconic Simpsons couch. By adding these inflatables to your party décor, you can create a fun and memorable atmosphere that will transport your guests to the world of Springfield. 

2. Hire a Fully-Stocked Bar Service

With all the other many trials and tribulations of planning a surprise birthday party, the last thing you need to be doing is worrying whether you have bought the right amount of the right type of alcoholic drinks to keep your guests from getting thirsty throughout the night. 

Instead, consider hiring the services of professional bartenders, such as Event Bartenders, who will literally bring the party to your venue. You can even select a cocktails-only night or request specialty, locally brewed real-ale to entirely suit the tastes and drinking habits of the guests.

4 Amazing Ways to Plan the Ultimate Surprise Birthday Party

3. Choose an Accessible Location

The key to planning the ultimate in successful and memorable surprise birthday parties is to ensure that as many people in the birthday girl or boy’s life as possible are there. Forget lavish and expensive locations that are far away from the main hub and instead consider renting a room or space nearby instead. Look into nearby hotels so guests that are traveling from further afield can stay over and enjoy the night into the small hours, and include such details in the invitations. 

4. Create a Secret Group on Social Media

Utilize the positive elements of social media platforms by creating a secret group for your party. You can update the guests on the plans, and such a group is especially useful if your date or itinerary dramatically changes.

Additionally, you could ask each of the guests to provide three songs each to add to a playlist which you can use as the soundtrack to the night using a Bluetooth speaker or two.

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