Great Gift for Girls Under $20 ~ Pillow Pets for Nintendo DS

Based on the beloved children’s line of plush pillows from CJ Products that easily transform into snuggly companions, the Pillow Pets™ game for Nintendo DS invites you to jump, fly, buzz and explore Dreamland, the imaginative world where the Pillow Pets™ characters thrive. Get to know your charming pet’s personality as you customize him or her with hats, glasses and more! When your favorite pal goes missing, you must set out on a journey to bring your lost pet home safely. But don’t fret! Along the way you’ll meet cuddly friends and uncover tokens and rewards that will make for an unforgettable experience! Whether playing alone or side by side with friends, the Pillow Pets™ game for Nintendo DS™ creates a nurturing and fantasy-filled adventure that can be enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages.

Additional Pillow Pets In-Game Features:

  • Collectables: Meet and collect up to 16 well-known Pillow Pets™ characters including farm critters and jungle animals!
  • Beautiful Lands to Explore: Venture into magical lands including Fantasy Woods, Rainbow Valley and Slumber Land Castle!
  • Customization: Accessorize your Pillow Pets™ character from head to toe! Up to 40 accessories to unlock from hats to glasses and much more!
  • Rewards: Gather tokens, unlock bonuses and garner prizes in each level!


Pillow Pets have made it to household name around here for the better part of a year now. Everyone of my children own at least one except my baby Elliot owns at least on of the plush pillow pets and he is getting Spongebob this year from grandma. If you haven’t heard much about them yet, make sure check out our Limited Edition Fouth of July Dog and Pillow Pet Unicorn review. I am sure you will see why the kids still go nuts for these adorable plush pets.

Now we have added a new addition to our collection, Pillow Pets for Nintendo DS. This just recently was released for the holiday season and as much as I would have liked to did not make it to the wrapping table. My daughter opened the box and before I knew it the package was open and inside our DS XL.

A week has past and this game is still being played on a daily basis. Both of my daughters ages 7 and 6 find it easy to understand and navigate. As they move through the lands of the game, the characters collect token to accessories their pets. As with most little ladies, that is very important.

This is game is for the beginning gamer and ideal for children ages 5 to 9. I am sure it would be a welcomed surprise for the Pillow Pets fan this holiday season and a way to start the collection off right for a newbie.

BUY IT: Purchase Pillow Pets for Nintendo DS from (currently sale priced at$16.00).

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