The Perfect Beach Towel for Kids

The Perfect Beach Towel for Kids

Your little germ factories are constantly getting into something. It’s virtually guaranteed that these tiny tornadoes will whip through the room the second you’re done cleaning to ensure that the house is messy again.

Trips to the beach can be just as messy because it’s almost impossible to get the sand out of everything when you’re done, meaning you bring it back to the car and track it into the house. Try a sand-resistant beach towel to make your life so much easier.

The Perfect Beach Towel for Kids

Easy Cleanup

Alright, Mom, wouldn’t you love something that practically cleans itself? The Tesalate beach towel is sand resistant, absorbs almost a liter of water, and dries fast, leaving you with a clean and dry towel for the ride home.

The AbsorbLite engineering means that this soft microfiber towel repels sand, so it stays on the beach where it belongs. Your kids can run and play or lounge in the sun and build sand castles, all while the towel works to keep them as sand-free as possible.

When they’re done playing, this full-size 63×31 inch towel will hold up to a litre of water, drying them and all of their toys off. It also dries in half the time of a regular towel, so you can fold it up in a compact package when you’re done.

The Perfect Beach Towel for Kids

Easy to Carry

Even though this towel is full-size, it folds up in a lightweight, compact package, making it easy for your kids to carry by themselves. If you’ve ever been stuck carrying everyone else’s things (and you’re a mom, so that always happens), you know how overwhelming that can be.

The Tesalate towel is so small and lightweight that your kids can quickly throw it in their own bags and carry it themselves, taking the work off of you and making these beach outings that much easier.

Bring the fun back to the beach with a sand free beach towel for everyone in the family!

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