Fun and Function Peanut Ball Review

Fun and Function Peanut Balls are one of the few products I have found that really just knock my socks off when it comes to being multi-functional for all age groups, toddler to adult.This well constructed inflatable ball in the shape of a peanut has simply been used by nearly ever member of our home for different acts each time.

My toddler prefers to sit and balances laughing as he slowly tilts side to side learning balance and poise. Since we have the large ball his feet do not touch the floor, so his playtime fun with the peanut ball must be assisted by myself, the adult. Elliot does attempt bounce around on occasion but really is not able to enjoy this mode of play due to the size; although Fun & Function’s x-small peanut ball (on my wish list) would be the ideal size for him to get full use of product

The older children have done everything from bounce to roll in circles with the large red peanut ball we have. I have often found it being used just as a chair or back prop during reading or movie time.

A few of our friends enjoying the Peanut Ball

Since it effective holds 750 pounds, this mom has no issues when using it to assist in specific exercising techniques. In fact I prefer this style to the traditional therapy ball as my body is still learning balance and structure after so many years of failing to care for my physical health. It is a great unit for beginning exercisers such as myself.

The Amazing Peanut Ball — Just Inflate for Hours of Fun and Healthy Exercise! Challenges children to balance as they roll and bounce. Enhances focus by supporting need for movement. Contoured saddle provides stability. Shaped for forward and back rotation. Holds up to 750 pounds. Recommended for daily exercise and therapy programs. Easy to inflate – Pump sold separately. A great toy for children with autism. Safety-tested by independent third party laboratories; CPSIA-complaint.

BUY IT: Purchase the Amazing Peanut Ball in your choice of size and color directly from starting at just $29.99.

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