Passing the Time with Mahjong Crimes

Passing the Time with Mahjong Crimes

The last two weeks have been just stressful on everyone in our home. Miss Nat had bilateral femoral restoration surgery and is in so much pain while having to relearn how to walk as if she’s an infant all over again.

As the days blur from exhaustion, I like to take those few moments of quiet to relax with mind games like Mahjong Crimes and unraveling the mystery behind Agatha Christie’s renowned Murder on the Orient Express! With the arrival of the film to the big screen this weekend, this has been an exciting adventure.

Passing the Time with Mahjong Crimes

Player can enjoy a whooping 250 captivating levels! Trust me when I say this takes a long while to make it through. The levels increase in difficultly as you move forward and find clues while helping Detective Poirot by completing each new board.

This app offers seriously brain teasing challenges that will wake you up and get you thinking. There is no better way to engage the adult brain that learning new things and thinking deeply. Mahjong Crimes offers a fun way of doing this while allowing you to play anytime, anywhere.

Passing the Time with Mahjong Crimes


An all new take on the centuries-old Mahjong solitaire game, this tile swapping extravaganza is truly unparalleled. You’ll be placed in the lavishly-decorated Orient Express with its elegant compartments and affluent travelers, where opulence is just a cover up for the crimes taking place behind the Mahjong tiles. Players will need dexterity and a keen eye for detail in order for them to succeed!

Do you have what it takes to find the hidden clues and unravel heinous crimes?

Mahjong Crimes

Mahjong Crimes is now available free in both the App store and Play Store.

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