Children require parent’s guidance in each phase of their life, especially in the case of exploring the perks of the internet online. Therefore, allowing them to have their personal smart phone is not such a huge deal only if parents vouch to monitor and guide the young minds of their kids. Letting your children know about positive and negative aspects of technology is of utmost importance.

Children should not be prohibited to use digital apps only because of a handful of cons which might come from using the internet and electronic gadgets. Kids should be permitted to be familiar with the perks of the internet, digital apps and technology. However, when they are allowed to make use of gadgets, they should be properly guided how to use them for good reasons and what activities should be avoided. They should be restricted to use their gadgets for exploring any adult content. All this is possible with the help of digital monitoring apps. 

A firm monitoring and thorough guidance can help your children to become a productive member of society in the near future. Smart parents use parental apps for instructing and grooming their teens.

Parental Apps

To attain all the above mentioned goals for a better upbringing of your child, installing a parental app is a necessity. These apps are going to be immensely helpful in this regard. It is not easy to choose the most appropriate app among thousands of hundreds of parental apps available. But the first and foremost thing which you can look for while selecting the right app for your child is the security.

Always choose an app which promises to protect the information about your child because security lies above everything. FamilyTime provides complete security to your child’s data along with keeping him away from inappropriate content which makes it highly valuable to use. The FamilyTime parental app offers:


1. Contact Monitoring: Monitor the contact book of their kids with additional details saved in it such as email address, home address, date of birth etc.

2. SMS Monitoring: Check SMS history of kids to know who do they talk to and what is that something they talk about.

3. Contact Watchlisting: Watchlist suspicious contacts to receive alerts every time a contact is made from any side either through call or SMS.

4. Application monitoring: A system to monitor all installed apps of kids.

5. Application control: Blocks inappropriate content or restrict it for some time with app control features.

6. Management of screen time: allows parents to limit the time their child spends playing and using other applications, even when the child is away from home.

7. Web Control: the application automatically blocks preset websites by categories, such as adult sites or with offensive content, based on the age of the child. You can also include additional categories or specific websites.

8. Children Locator: allows parents to request the current location of the child’s device at any time.

9. Phone Lock: Parents can put a remote lock on kids’ device that will block the screen of the child’s phone until the kid enters unlock code available with parents.

10. Reports for Parents: detailed reports on the use of applications and web pages. Reports are available to view at any time using the Parent Dashboard in the application.

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