Parent to a Restless Pet? Read this

Parent to a Restless Pet? Read this

Humans aren’t the only ones who can suffer from a restless night and bad sleep. Dogs can, too. If your dog seems to not settle, and is pacing around or wants to play, we’re here to give you the tips and advice you need to make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep. 

Why is my dog so restless? 

Restlessness in dogs is pretty common. If your dog won’t settle down in the night there is a whole number of reasons that could be causing them to feel more unsettled than usual. The good news is, most reasons are nothing to worry about. 

Hot temperatures

Just like humans, dogs struggle to sleep when it gets too hot. If you think you feel a little sweaty without the covers on, think about how your dog feels with fur they can’t just take off! Adult dogs seem to be better at adapting to hotter temperatures, but younger dogs can often be more sensitive. If you’re finding your dog is restless, check how warm the room feels? You might need to add a fan or turn the air conditioner on. 

Alternatively, for the hotter months, it’s a good idea to provide your pets with a cool mat they can lay on to transfer heat. 


Stress and anxiety make it harder to sleep for everyone. If you find your dog constantly trying to reposition themselves to try and sleep, it could be that something is causing them to feel a little this way. To help, you need to figure out the anxiety trigger and remove it from the area. If it can’t be removed, there are plug in options to leave your dog feeling calmer in uncomfortable situations. 

While it might be something small that is making your dog feel anxious, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. If you can’t seem to find a trigger, it’s definitely worth consulting your vet for a general checkup. 

Bathroom breaks

When bringing a dog home, it can take a few weeks for your new best pal to adapt to their new surroundings and routine. If your dog is pacing, or seems to be hanging around the door, it might be as simple as them needing to use the bathroom.

During the evenings, you can use pet transmitters attached to their collar to control the doors. Automatic doors for pets fit into your regular door frame and slide up or across whenever your pet is nearby. That way they can let themselves out into the garden whenever the urge strikes.

Settling down your restless dog

While you’re trying to find out what it is exactly that’s making your dog feel so restless, it’s good to make them feel comfortable and reassured with cuddles and strokes. 

To help with the restlessness, you might want to make the sleeping area as calm, cool and comfortable as possible. If this doesn’t do the trick, definitely get them booked in with the vet. 

Hopefully, they’ll settle down after a few days and you’ll both be back to sleeping soundly.

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