Three Online Safety Tips to Help You This Holiday Season

Three Online Safety Tips to Help You This Holiday Season

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Have you ever experienced fraudulent charges on your credit or bank accounts? How about an email or user account being hacked into and taken over by some unknown? Nearly every member of my household from adult to even my youngest whom is nine has. Surprised? You shouldn’t be as it happens online safety issues occur often than you would think, especially during the holidays. The good news is there are ways to protect yourself and your family. Using the following three tips from Google will help get you started off in the right direction.

Password Protection

Creating and remembering passwords is a hard thing to keep up with. Google suggests using unique, strong passwords for all of your accounts to help stay more secure online. Consider using a password manager (like the one built into your Google Account) to help you create, remember and store all your passwords. You can find your stored password information by visiting

Software Updates For Improved Online Safety

Keeping your software up to date is extremely important to your online safety. Be sure to keep track of all of your devices including phones, tablets, and computer equipment. Some software, like Chrome, Android, and iOS, will automatically update so you never need to worry about doing it yourself. For other services that send notifications when it’s time to update, don’t click “remind me later”. As they say, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. Be sure to take the time to update right those away.

Three Online Safety Tips to Help You This Holiday Season

Google Security Checkup

Take the time this holiday season to complete a Google Security Checkup. It’s a step-by-step tool that helps protect the security of your Google Account with personalized recommendations. You can manage which third-party apps have access to your account data, check your saved passwords for security issues, and more. Find additional information about the Google Security Checkup here:

Just as a reminder each of these online safety tips and services are provided by Google are completely free to you. Which tip did you find most helpful and what others do you have to share? Together we can help spread the word to others and help stay online safe this holiday season!

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  1. I know I have commented on this post but would like to share a warning. I have had someone steal by checking account information & written a fraudulent check. They replaced my information at the top of the check with a made up company & went to Home Depot & wrote a check with my account information. So be careful with your checks too.

  2. I have found that the google checkup really works for me ! Helps me to make different passwords!

  3. I love all of tips! My favorite tip is to remember Software Updates , I really need to be better with this!

  4. I love the password manager is very useful for all accounts. In addition, the certified lock of the https pages is very useful to know which pages are safe.

  5. This is so useful! I had no idea. I’m going to do this today. My mother in law was telling us a relative had his credit card info stolen and it was used to purchase thousands of dollars worth of stuff this holiday season. Best to keep on top of things like this.

  6. Got to look out for many holiday scams, definitely a rise during this time of year. Prevent all you can.

  7. Password managers are definitely useful. It would be so difficult for me to remember all of my passwords! Google has great safety features.

  8. I have a password book that I keep all my passwords in and I use roboform and Google as well, and make sure not to give out any personal info to anyone, that happened to me a month ago, I gave away all my info because I was tired and didn’t pay attention, so I ended up having to get a hold of my banks and change all of my passwords, it was a pain, but it can happen to anyone

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