Ohh, Baby, Baby Sponsor ~ Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion Soother

 Parents don’t need to worry about wasting gas the next time their baby feels the need for a ride (or two) around the block! They can keep the car in park and give their baby a soothing, “ride in the car” experience with the new Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion Soother!

The Cruisin’ Motion Soother, with Cruiz Ride Motion™, gives baby that simulated, soothing, ride-in-the-car-feeling from the comfort of the living room, complete with realistic sound effects like rain falling on the windows, the swish of the windshield wipers or even the blowing wind as cars pass by.

The innovative Cruisin’ Motion Soother holds newborns up to 25 lbs., features eight songs, nature sounds and volume adjust and comes in two colors – blue, green/yellow and pink.


In addition to the gentle pulsing motion and deep seat with soft fabric and an adjustable head snuggler for comfort, baby will be entertained by a toybar that features a rear view mirror for babies to see themselves, a little car with a spinning ball and even baby’s first set of clacker keys! The Cruisin’ Motion Soother also features a machine washable pad, 3-point restraint and non-skid feet.

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