Non-Toxic No-Cook Play Dough Recipes

lumi-dough-creation-image-02What a wonderful thing Lumi dough play dough is! A fist-full of dough can keep  kids busy for hours. There are various kinds of play dough varieties available in the market. The only reason why you wouldn’t like buying any one of those is that they can be toxic (if your kid swallows them). Sticky and toxic play dough for kids is not quality dough. If you don’t have the time to make clay at home, you must get a non-sticky and non-toxic variety.

Otherwise, making clay at home is always a good idea. Moreover, sometimes you can even involve your child in helping you make clay. It’s so simple to make dough at home that you can even let them make it without your assistance. You don’t always have to use the gas stove to make clay.

Some variety of dough does not require cooking. You can let your kid make play dough that does not require using heat or fire, by themselves. Some recipes for making non-toxic no cook play dough are mentioned as follows:

Things that You Will Need (Ingredients)

  1. A cup of plain flour and half a cup of salt
  2. 1 full tablespoons of cooking oil
  3. 2 tablespoons of tartar cream, which is optional to use
  4. Food coloring and aroma
  5. Glitter or any other material to texture the clay
  6. 1 cup boiling water

Method or Procedure

Take a large mixing bowl and put all the above mentioned ingredients in that bowl. Once everything starts to bond, take the stiff mixture out and put it on a board. Start kneading and keep doing it until it reaches the consistency of play dough.

Since you have added boiling water to the ingredients, the mix will be hot when you take it out of the mixing bowl; therefore, don’t let your kids do this step. Take out the dough and throw it on the board. Thereafter, let your kids take up the task of kneading it. This is one of the best recipes in case you want to make different patches of dough, all in different colors.

Even if you don’t have any tartar cream, there is nothing to worry about. Though tartar adds to the elasticity of play dough, you can still do without it. Adding glitter and/or texture to the clay is also something optional. Add texture to the clay only if your child likes textured clay.

You can create different variations to this recipe. For example, in case your child is fond of peanut butter, add some of it to the dough that you are making. Keep this dough edible and do not add any chemicals to this dough so that it is safe for your child to eat.


Similarly you can make mint clay or chocolate chip clay for your kid. The recipes for these clay types are also easily doable. Making dough at home takes no more than 5 to 15 minutes. Since you don’t have to use the gas stove, it is almost like assembling things for a salad and tossing it. Simple and non-fussy! Because it is a simple activity, you don’t have to worry if the quantity that you have made turns out to be less than you anticipated. You can make loads of playing dough in the same day.

Hand over the freshly made dough to your kids to play with. They will love pounding and throwing it on the table. See their creativity blossom as they play with the ball of dough.

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