No Time To Cook? Go With A Classic For Dinner!


As a busy family, mealtime is often limited by the time we have to prepare. While I do like to plan ahead, on occasion life just gets away from us and I am searching for something as quick as it is yummy for dinner. This is one of the reasons I keep HORMEL® Chili With Beans in my pantry. By adding a few common extras, I can deliver a state loved meal to the table in no time.


Take today for example. This is the first weekend day in weeks that we have had sun instead of rain. So, my family took advantage of this and got busy on yard work. Not to mention a little outdoor playtime. Between the weeding and planting, time just moved on by and before you knew it, it was time to start getting baths and ready for school and work the next day.

HORMEL Chili Hotdog

Instead of stressing out with a time consuming dinner, my husband popped a few hotdogs on the grill. I heated two cans of HORMEL® Chili No Beans, shredded some cheddar cheese, sliced an onion, made a quick cole slaw and pulled out a bag of potato chips. In 15 minutes, we had a classically delicious meal with easy clean-up.

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Today’s post is sponsored by HORMEL® Chili, but my love for their chili is all my own!

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