Nick Daze and his incredible Kickstarter campaign!

First time children’s book author Nick Dazé, is in the final days (63 hours to be exact) of his campaign to raise funding to independently publish his children’s book Roger Nix President at Age Six.

The story is about kindergartener Roger Nix, an ordinary boy: Roger loves kindergarten, playing make-believe, and hanging out with his imaginary friends (a baby donkey named Jack and a baby elephant named Abe). But when he learns about the plans of Old Man Plee, a perennial presidential candidate, to shut down schools and send kids to work in factories as an austerity measure; Roger decides to run against Old Man Plee as a defender of “school and summer vacation, learning and imagination”. Of course Abe and Jack are there to help him every step of the way.

Nick Daze and his incredible Kickstarter campaign ( have already raised nearly $22,000 and only has $8,000 more to go in order to put the book into production.  The book has been fully written by Daze and the illustrations beautifully crafted by Bill . Each $30 pledge towards the Roger Nix campaign comes with a first edition hardcover copy of the book, delivered in time for the new school year this fall.  This is a timely story that is fascinating, engaging, and a thought-provoking read for both kids and parents written by a imaginative adult who was encouraged to explore his imagination as a child.


Here is an excerpt from the book:


Roger stood up quickly. He had something to say

With a wink from Jack and a trunks-up from Abe.

“I’ll run against him,” Roger said with a shout.

“I’ll run for president, have you no doubt!


To close school would be nothing short of a crime

You can’t fool all us kids, not all of the time.”


He stood on his desk and they all watched and wondered

As Roger kept talking, his voice boomed and thundered.

“We’ll beat him and keep all the schools as they are

Or make them way better. We’ll shoot for the stars!

We go to school so one day we’ll go far,

Not because it is easy–because it is hard!


We are KIDS! The whole point is to learn and have fun

And to use our wee noggins…




So Abe, Jack, and Roger got to work right away.

“That kid’s on to something,” his parents would say.

He made lots of speeches; he shook lots of hands

He toured a big factory that made rubber bands.


Then one night on the tube, to Old Plee’s disdain,

The news ran a story on Roger’s campaign.

“Roger Nix, daydreamer and ultimate kid,

Is gaining on Plee in his presidential bid.”


But everyone knew that sooner or later

Roger would have to be quite the debater.

Because one night soon, under some bright marquee

A debate would take place between Roger and Plee.


Please find more information and link to donate below if interested:


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