“My First Book” Series by Nursery Books


With both of our children, we have made it a habit to read to them before bed every night.  Even before they really know what is going on, my husband and I believe in engaging them and bonding through reading.  It is a very calming and therapeutic ritual for all of us.  I will never forget when our two year old really started to engage in the reading and now he even reads back to us a little bit (probably from memorization and association with the photos, but still, it is amazing to watch!)

When I heard of the “My First Book” series by Nursery Books, I was intrigued.  They go a step further than traditional children’s books, by focusing on high contrast illustrations to cater to a newborn baby’s eyes.  The books also include images in high contrast bright colors, to grow with baby as their sight matures.


As you can see, Nolan is immediately engaged by the bright colors and the contrast of black on white.


He is entertained by these books for extended periods of time, and not only when we are reading to him, but in independent play as well.


His big brother also likes the books.  He reads to Nolan, helps him turn the pages, and spends brother time with him as he shares the “My First Book” series.  Sometimes, he even picks the books up on his own when choosing his books to read on his own.  For him, he has already associated pictures with the names, and can easily identify many of the images in the books, and he loves to tell me which one is the trumpet, the pineapple, etc.


There are so many benefits to reading to our children.  “My First Book” proves that it is never too early to start.  At first it may seem silly to read to an infant, but I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already.

“My First Books” are designed to grow with your child and promote developmental milestones in your baby’s life: Vision, Memory, Speech, and Social Skills.  As your child moves through different stages of learning, you can use these books to not only teach the images themselves, but shapes and colors as well.  Hunter likes to tell me which trumpet is red, green, or which star is big or little.  I was pleasantly surprised how interactive these books are not only for Nolan, who is only a few months old, but for our two year old as well.  It is great to know that by investing in this series of books, they will not just sit on the bookshelf after the kids are bored with them or move on to the next level of reading.  They will grow with them.

You can purchase your “My First Books” here.  These will also make a great “wishing well” gift if anyone you know is having a baby shower and asks for books for baby’s library.


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