Must See Attractions In Kansas

Must See Attractions In Kansas

When you hear someone say they are visiting Kansas on their vacation you automatically think they must be headed there to see family, because Kansas couldn’t have anything fun. Right? That is totally wrong! Kansas, while rather flat and boring in places, is chock full of great fun and family friendly things you can do on your vacation. Forget tornadoes and boring fields of corn, we want to share some of our must see attractions in Kansas with you! The best part of traveling to Kansas is that in the Midwest it is close to everything and always reasonably priced.  

Kansas Cosmosphere:  For the science and NASA loving family this is a wonderful exhibit and experience.  Not only do you have a chance to see real memorabilia from various NASA missions, but it also includes a large collection of Russian cosmonaut artifacts as well. Located only an hour outside of Wichita it is a great way to spend a day while visiting this fun state. 

Kansas Underground Salt Museum:  For the science geeks and explorers alike this is a super fun museum to visit.  Find out all about the hidden underground salt deposits under the state of Kansas while you take a fun underground tour.  

There’s No Place Like Home:  Visit the official Dorothy & Toto home in Liberal, Kansas. This is a must see for fans of the classic Wizard Of Oz book and movie adaptations.  Great for kids who love the movie or are curious about where it might have taken place had it been a real story and not fiction. 

Botanica, Wichita Gardens:  This gorgeous garden setup is a perfect calm and beautiful way to spend a day with the family.  A great setting for family vacation photos, or just a fun way to spend a day with the kids and your spouse this is a must see in the heart of Kansas. 

Boot Hill:  Located right outside the classic Western town of Dodge City, this exact replica of what the town would have looked like 150 years ago is a great place to visit and pretend you are back in the old west. Kids will love walking the downtown area and even taking a peak into what the jail would have looked like back in the day. 

Big Brutus:  For a chuckle, everyone passing through this state really must visit the historic site of Big Brutus the largest known electric shovel ever in existence. Located in West Mineral, Kansas this museum and giant heavy machinery is a great way to teach your kids or yourself about coal mining and how many lives it impacted in the Southeast corner of this state.  

Must See Attractions In Kansas

A fun vacation in the state of Kansas may not have been on your radar until now. While the state is sprawling with lots of wide open spaces, the heart of the state is in and around Wichita. A weekend getaway, a short week trip with the kids or a leisurely tour through the state will have you checking out our list of must see attractions in Kansas for sure. 

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