Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset is a solid choice for hands free mobile activity!

The Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset provides a hands free solution that rival its competitors. The HX550 is lightweight, yet solid. With several earpieces included, it’s easy to find one that fits comfortably . Even with its compact size I found the HX550 to have exceptional battery life.


With the earpiece options I was able to try them all one I picked the one that felt the best on my ear. The HX550 feels like it isn’t even there, within a few minutes you forget you’re even wearing it. This compact size doesn’t impact the performance of this Bluetooth Headset.

Initial setup and pairing was easy, Once I flipped open the mic piece the headset powers on. All I had to do was turn on the Bluetooth on my phone and it connected without any input from me. Answering and making calls was as simple as just pressing the button on the side of the headset. When pressed it will launch the voice dialer on your Android phone or you can use this with the MotoSpeak app. The MotoSpeak app adds the functions of text messaging to the mix, allowing you to send and have text messages you received read back to you over the headset.

During several test of sending and receiving calls in different environments call quality was crystal clear on both sides. I was surprised at how well it handled outside background noise and wind. In all my trying I never could find a situation where call quality suffered. I found the HX550 to perform better than several other more expensive Bluetooth headsets. I also found the range to be much farther then I had originally expected. Many Bluetooth devices are only good to around 30 feet, while the HX550 is a Class 1 power rated which means range of up to 300 feet. I my real world use I found ranges of around 100 feet with no drop in call quality.

I found I could make it 2 days on a full charge. This recently became very helpful while moving. Over the weekend I was able to move boxes from one house to another while being able to make and receive calls and text messages as well. I didn’t have to stop what I was doing to answer my phone or respond to a text message and whole time it was like I wasn’t even wearing it.


HX550 2

Technical Details

  • Comfortable Bluetooth headset with multiple wearing styles–on-ear; in-ear without hook; and in-ear with earhook
  • Superior audio quality and noise cancellation of CrystalTalk
  • MotoSpeak app from Android Market allows you to Dictate texts hands-free as well as hear your text messages
  • Take calls from two phones all from the same headset using Advanced MultiPoint
  • Up to 9 hours of talk time, up to 384 hours (16 days) of standby time
  • BETTER BACKGROUND NOISE REDUCTION – HX550 cancels twice as much background noise as Plantronics? comparable product. You can hear and be heard with Crystal Talk dual-mic noise cancellation.
  • CUSTOMIZE FOR COMFORT- The first headset that lets you choose how you want to wear it from three options – on your ear, in-ear with an earhook or in-ear without a hook.
  • Motorola retail packaging includes: Headset, 1 On-ear Hook, 1 In-ear Hook, 2 In-ear Gels, Wall Charger, Quick Start Guide
  • POWER FLIP- The unique RapidConnect feature lets you handle calls with just a flip. Simply flip open to turn on and talk, flip closed to turn off and save power.
  • TEXT WITH YOUR VOICE- Download MotoSpeak App to dictate texts hands-free and to hear texts read through your headset. Optimized for Android-powered 2.2 or higher devices.

The HX550 Bluetooth Headset from Motorola exceeds all expectations. With build quality, range, and battery life that is above standard the HX550 Headset is one that will not disappoint.




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