Moshi Monsters iPhone and iPad app from Mind Candy

Starting this season, parents can satisfy the Moshi Monsters maniacs in their life with Moshi Monsters: Moshlings, the first full-feature Moshi Monsters iPhone and iPad app from Mind Candy, creators of one of today’s most popular gaming websites for kids 6 to 12 – now with more than 60 million registered users worldwide.

With Moshi Monsters: Moshlings, kids can crack Moshi Monsters secret codes for use on, unleash their inner artist and show off their creations to friends and family and explore a variety of other cool features — all with a quick and easy download!

A must have for all Moshling fans, the brand-new app includes over 60 Moshlings and 100 stickers to customize the little pets and create unique versions of the characters!  Users can read all about the whacky little critters and discover where to find them in  Moshlings are tiny pets that Moshi Monsters just love to collect that come in a range of different species each with their own kooky characteristics and fun backstories.

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