MorpheMe Makeup Brushes Monthly Subscription #HotHolidayGifts2017

MorpheMe Brushes Monthly Subscription #HotHolidayGifts2017

Do you have a teen girl or amazing lady on your holiday shopping list that have a love for makeup? Why not give them a gift ever beauty guru would be proud of, MorpheMe Brushes Monthly Subscription.

MorpheMe Brushes Monthly Subscription #HotHolidayGifts2017

No matter their age, any budding makeup addict knows how important the tools of the trade are. An arsenal of quality makeup brushes make any look possible. With this subscription box, they (or you) will receive 3-8 Morphe brushes each month for $19.99. Something new and exciting delivered right to the doorstep. It is like Christmas every single month leaving me giddy like a kid in a candy store.

MorpheMe Brushes Monthly Subscription #HotHolidayGifts2017

With in just a few short months, you’ll be rolling in new powder, liner, contour, eyeshadow and foundation brushes. Over time brushes need to be switched out and this can be costly in the long run. That is one of the main reasons we love this service. At under $20 a month, I am able to stock up on MorpheMe branded products that are long lasting, soft and work amazingly well.

MorpheMe Brushes Monthly Subscription - September Mermaid

The September MorpheMe Box allowed me to channel your inner mermaid with three amazing brushes: the E6 Flat buffer, the M576 Pointed Blender, M577 Jumbo Crease, and the M578 Pencil Crease. Nearly everything I need to get a glamour look from under the sea and even natural ones for my everyday life.

MorpheMe E6 – Flat Buffer

E6 – Flat Buffer

The E6 is a flat-topped foundation brush made with synthetic bristles to make it friendlier to your creamy face products like foundations. The flat top is good for packing and buffing product into the skin to create a flawless look. This brush is of medium density which works to create a medium-coverage finish and allow for a soft, natural definition. The bristles are super soft, too!

MorpheMe M576 – Pointed Blender

M576 – Pointed Blender

Your M576 brush is a soft, natural bristle brush for defining your eyes. The pointed tip of this tapered blending brush is good for getting really precise placement with your shadows. The lack of density allows you to diffuse your eyeshadow while you apply it by using a light touch. This brush is perfect for defining a sharp crease or adding some depth to the outer corners! The softness and precision tip make this brush good for contouring the eye.

MorpheMe M577 – Jumbo Crease

M577 – Jumbo Crease

Your M577 is round and dense crease brush with natural bristles. This crease brush is about the size of your pinky tip and fits perfectly into the crevices of your eye. The density of this brush gives you all the control as you apply color or blend. You can use this brush to pack color onto your lid, define your crease, blend transition colors together and diffuse the edge of your shadow. You can also use it when applying your eye primer, to add highlighter to your eyes, nose, and cheekbones! It’s a great multi-use brush that is a must add to your tool collection.

MorpheMe M578 – Pencil Crease

M578 – Pencil Crease

The M578, similar to a mini M577, is a round and dense pencil brush with natural bristles. This brush is petite and soft, which is great for defining and blending your lower lashline. The brush is so soft, so you don’t have to worry about anything scratchy around your delicate eye. You can also use this to define your outer corner and to highlight the eye area. Because of it’s small size, you can get really precise placement with this brush!

MorpheMe Aquatic Dreams

Each month you will receive $30+ of Morphe brushes for $19.99 allowing the receiver to never worry about buying another brush again. Free shipping in the US and $4.99 anywhere else in the world, woot. Your brushes also come with Reward points to use on free makeup or other goodies!

Be sure to check out the MorpheMe trade program where you can swap out your monthly brushes for an awesome set your missed or other sweet stuff! This is cool for those who already own several brushes and do not want too many duplicates. Just another reason to give this makeup box a go!

MorpheMe October Collection 2017

October is a special month and a great time to get your first box. Subscribe to MorpheMe and receive a free brush with your new month subscription OR 10% off and a free brush on a 6 month subscription OR a free month and a free brush with an annual subscription!

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