Money Hacks To Stretch Your Budget + Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

They say that money cannot buy happiness, but the truth is, if you’re already happy money can cause stress and problems ‒ or it can be a saving grace. Most people tend to spend whatever they earn, regardless if it’s a lot or a little. This is why most people “feel” as if they’re poor or “not rich”. When you consider that the median income in the USA for a household is about 51,900 dollars according to the US Census, you can see where you stand.

Regardless of how much or how little money you have, you can make your money go a lot further and work for you better.

Spending Less

  • Shop Less – Only shop for groceries one time a week, instead of anytime you run out. If you can stretch it out, only go every two weeks. The fewer times you go into a store, the less money you’ll spend overall on last-minute purchases.
  • Use a List – No matter what you’re buying, whether groceries, clothing, or supplies, always shop with a list. Don’t buy anything that is not on the list.
  • Research – To take the list a step farther, only buy things within price ranges you’ve determined are good deals. If you want a new blazer and you’ve set the bar at $50.00, don’t go over it; shop until you find exactly what you want.

Saving More

  • Save the Difference – If you budgeted X amount of dollars for something, and you found it cheaper, save the difference. Since it was already budgeted at a certain amount, this is almost like found money.
  • Save Your Change – When you buy something, only pay with bills. Collect all the change at the end of each day. At the end of the year, take whatever change you have saved to the bank and add it to your savings account.
  • Automatic Withdrawals – Most banks and employers now offer automatic withdraws for savings accounts or investments. If you get this set up, you’ll never see it. Shoot for 10 percent of your earnings or whatever your company will match as the minimum amount.

Getting Good Deals

  • Have Plenty of Cash – The more cash you have to offer someone on something they’re selling, the more power you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s a washer and dryer, a bed, or a car – if you have cash to give, you’ll get a better deal.
  • Deal Directly – Don’t use a travel agent to go places; instead deal directly with the resort, airline, or rental car company for everything you want. You’ll get better deals or at the very least the same deal as the others.
  • Rental Car – Don’t rent from the airport; instead rent from a nearby location which will bring the car to you. You’ll save money this way. Bonus: always fill up the car yourself before returning it; it will save you money.
  • Be Ready – If you’ve saved money all year long, and keep performing needed maintenance on your stuff, you’ll avoid last-minute disasters as you’ll be ready for issues that pop up.
  • Do a Check-Up – Periodically, do a financial check- up by calling the phone company, cable company, insurance company, and anyone else you pay monthly to ensure that better deals have not come up recently.

Most people have limited resources, but they can make their money go a lot further with advance planning, research, and understanding of what you can and cannot live without.

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  1. I shop around for the lowest price and use coupon codes along with reward card usage,as well.

  2. I save money by comparing prices. If I think that I found a great deal on something that I need, I’ll buy it. I also search online for coupon codes.

  3. Cash back receipt offers can be nice (e.g. buy X and get Y cash back) because sometimes you can come out ahead or break even.

  4. I would say put a portion of your money into savings every week so you have a savings.

  5. I save money by always searching for a coupon code first or buying a discounted gift card.

  6. I save money by cutting restaurant trips to 2x per month and buying food wholesale!

  7. I save money grocery shopping by making a list and shopping the sales and pairing with coupons when available but also to have flexible when in store with checking the best price or choosing clearance items if available.

  8. We eat at home, pack lunches, and we have an app that everytime we buy something it rounds it to the nearest 1.00 for our account so the change adds up.

  9. I price check before I shop so I get the most for my money and try to eat at home as much as possible.

  10. I shop thrift stores for items that I need before I go to a department store. I also love going to yard sales and buy paperbacks really cheap.

  11. I buy stuff on sale and with coupons. I also buy at second hand stores and garage sales. I stopped buying bottled water and I make my own coffee instead of going out for it. I save the most money by cooking at home.

  12. I save money by shopping at thrift stores and focusing on buying items when they are on sale or clearance.

  13. I must say my wife is good at this she used coupons and looks over our local store ads and makes her list based on sales

  14. I do most of my shopping online. It’s the most convenient way to find the best deals. I always use online coupons, comparison shop and buy in bulk when I see a great price. It takes a bit longer but it’s so worth it in the end.

  15. I save money by making food at home. I was spending a lot on take out so I stopped doing that and I’ve saved a lot of money since then.

  16. I do have a lot of finds in thrift stores, especially in housewares. I usually shop really early, to take advantage of store markdowns.

  17. Less eating, eating at home, turn light off when you don’t need, invest in better phones so it’ll be longevity.

  18. We make a grocery list and just stick to the list. This keeps us from those impulse buys that really add up. We also make a mean plan so we don’t get tempted to eat out.

  19. I save money by shopping with a list & trying not to buy anything that isn’t on it unless it is on a big sale.

  20. To save money, I look for items on sale and try to stock up as room permits. I also try not to buy too many convenience foods and make meals from scratch. It saves a lot of money. I also buy water instead of soda and juices which saves quite a bit of money.

  21. 1. Don’t buy things you use temporarily ;instead, get them for free or inexpensively.
    2. Be willing to spend time on some deals(bargain). Start nice. Stay patient. Save money.
    3. But don’t forget, the best ways to save money is to earn more money.

  22. Making as much food as possible at home helps save a lot on eating out. I have found that booking rooms, tickets, etc. on Tuesdays, regardless of when you will travel, seems to be cheaper.

  23. I’ve switched to cloth napkins and towels – giving up paper products like napkins and paper towels. Saving money and better for the environment!

  24. I buy stuff on sale and with coupons. I buy things at thrift stores and garage sales and online to save money you would be surprised the things you can get for little money and hardly used most of the time too.

  25. I save money by using coupons and I have my bank set up to transfer 25 from each deposit in my bank account to my savings.

  26. I always use a list, buy discounted items if i can use them, and stock up when the items that I regularly buy are on sale

  27. I make a list and stick to eat,I buy in bulk,we dont eat outand I use coupons!

  28. Every month, like a bill, I put away a certain amount of money..I never deviate.. I find when I treat savings like the electric bill I never miss a month…

  29. We make a monthly budget and use cash to stay within our budget. I try to make my money go farther by shopping deals and at thrift stores.

  30. to save money is to have an emergency fund by putting money into my savings account where i know i wont be tempted to take from. over time money will be saved

  31. I am super frugal, so I shop at thrift stores a lot, always check clearance racks, use coupons and cash back apps when I can, and always look for digital coupons before I buy anything online.

  32. My biggest expense is coming my way, only a roof replacement and nothing extravaganza. A new balcony deck that is bigger replacement

  33. I set a strict budget each month for unnecessary expenses like restaurants, concerts, and clothing, so I save my money for necessary purchases and emergency funds.

  34. My tip for saving money is to use digital coupons that some stores offer as well as printable coupons. To download the apps and keep up to date often on when they’re updated.

  35. I shop at thrift stores for clothes when I can which really cuts down on spending. I usually take a lunch to work from home & no longer buy coffees in the morning.

  36. Coupons, price matching, shopping the deals and stocking up on non-perishables at the best price.

  37. I buy gift cards to earn reward points. Then use another rewards program to order items online and pay using the gift card

  38. I always wait until an item goes on sale or check online, as you can usually get things at a cheaper price.

  39. look for sales and match coupons to those items and shop on days where coupons are doubled ,also try buy in bulk and make mutiple meals ahead of time and freeze saves money and time

  40. We eat at home most of the time. I’m using more store brands and watching retail prices closely.

  41. I save money by going to the grocery store with a list if I dont I am buying this and that

  42. I save money by buying only on sale, and I’ll do my homework and price check online first. If it’s clothes, I usually buy online, on sale or clearance, free shipping option, and get CashBack on top of the savings.

  43. I check store prices/flyers on-line for deals while making up my shoppings list, use rebate apps and use coupons.

  44. We use coupons and stock up on staples. Buy all pet food online because it is cheaper!

  45. I shop at thrift stores RICH FOLKS wear stuff 3 times and get bored. also generic unless made in CRAPPY china!

  46. I save money by creating a menu for each week and creating a grocery list from that. I save money by making sure I have a plan for dinner every week limiting eating/ordering out and also by only purchasing what is needed for the week and nothing extra!

  47. I save money by avoiding nonessential expenses, e.g. We make home-made meals, including pizza, we shop at thrift stores for housewares, clothing, etc. Additionally, we use coupons when shopping and only purchase items on sale, and preferably on clearance.

  48. I pack lunches instead of eating out. We use apps like Flipp and check out 51 to save where we can

  49. I used to get a coffee everyday but now I limit it to only the weekends! I’ve saved a ton

  50. I save money by purchasing mostly on-sale items at the grocery store. The savings add up fast. I’m sure I save a few thousand a year doing this.

  51. One thing I’ve done when I could was put part of my paycheck in my savings account and try to put a little more in there each time.

  52. Look for bargains, shop at thrift stores, fix what we can on our own, look for sales!

  53. I save money by eating every single meal at home, buying in bulk/ shopping sales, and moving to a cheaper place to live. We were able to pay our house off in six years!

  54. I have a set amount come off each pay cheque that goes into a savings account. Since I never see it I don’t miss it.

  55. When i quit smoking i would put what i spent into a jar and if there was something i needed or wanted i would use it. Saved a lot of money and got to enjoy a lot more

  56. I wouldn’t say that I have any real tips or tricks. What I do is work with my sister and we share coupons and split a lot of meal making. For example, every Tuesday she makes dinner for her family and mine and every Wednesday is my turn. It helps with meal planning, using of leftovers and allows us to each get a break from cooking- which isn’t really a money savings thing but it is priceless in my book!

  57. meal prep has saved me a ton of money. I didn’t think it would so I am glad I gave it a try.

  58. I save money by not eating out as much and also asking myself is this a need or a want purchase.

  59. I use grocery shopping saving and coupon apps, and make a monthly budget to save money 🙂

  60. We look for sales to stock up on commonly used household items and try to avoid eating out by packing lunches.

  61. We eat almost all meals at home; very few restaurant meals.
    We plan our grocery shopping so there are few impulse purchases.

  62. I meal plan with sale ads so I don’t impulse buy while still buying what is on special.

  63. I try and keep cash on me. That way I spend less and I know how much I have spent.

  64. I make my coffee at home instead of buying it at the expensive place. I pack lunch instead of buying it. And I shop at Sam’s club to buy in bulk.

  65. I compare all the grocery ad prices before I go grocery shopping and take coupons with me.

  66. The biggest money leak for my family is when we don’t plan dinners and end up ordering in food! Planning food ahead of time saves us so much!

  67. When buying groceries, I price match. One of our local stores will match a better price at their competitor’s store. I’ve saved so much money (and save time and gas $ not driving around town)

  68. We save money by not eating out very often. We also save by looking for sale items and stocking up at that point (without going over-board!)

  69. I make a strict food shopping budget. And I never go to the market when I’m hungry. Saves a lot of money like that!

  70. I make a point of putting money in my savings account every pay even if it is just a few dollars.

  71. We are a single income family in one of the most expensive cities in Canada, we have so many tricks. We use plastic containers instead of plastic bags (good for the planet to!). We only eat out on birthdays, so four times a year. We make our own bread, it is so cheap and delicious. We make coffee at home and take it with us instead of buying it out.

  72. making a grocery list and weekly meal plan. our biggest expense is groceries and I find if I do not make a list we get so many extra things and not neccessarily dinner items so this is the best way for me to save money

  73. It’s a small thing, but I only use half a Bounce sheet in my dryer. Makes them go twice as far.

  74. I use coupons to buy all my cleaning products, paper products, toothpaste, bodywash etc..

  75. Having a budget is so important to financial success. I’m always looking for more ways to be frugal and savvy. Thanks for the tips!

  76. I save money, by living with a strict budget and only buying what we absolutely need.

  77. I save money by shopping the thrift store on 50% off day, buying meat in bulk, stocking up on sale items & going thru stockpile sales… no taxes & excellent deals.

  78. So many ways, but my favourite is buying items in bulk to save big on groceries, for example spices, cost about 50 cents to 1.50$ to refill but about 4 to 8$ to buy jarred.

  79. track sales and use coupons along with sales. I also buy in bulk even if I save small amounts even I dont go into a store as much and buy other things while there so the more you can stay out of a physical store the less chance of splurge buying

  80. I find that making and sticking to a list is crucial in saving money. I also meal plan and both if these ave me time and money.

  81. I save money by shopping when clothes are on a big sale or clearance. Love it when you get 75% off plus a coupon! That is heaven for me!
    I check sale ads before going grocery shopping and use as many coupons as possible. Coupons are not as plentiful as they once were. It is sad because I use to rack up and save. When I print at times stores will not even take them if the do not scan and I know for a fact they are legit because they came from the proctor and gamble site.

  82. Purchasing food items and everyday essential in bulk. Using various cashback and coupon sites whenever possible.

  83. I buy my dogs food one month at a time and I order online. That saves me from going into the store and spending money on something I don’t really need.

  84. Put money away no matter how hard. Stop yourself from buying something, put it back in the cart. Don’t enable family to manipulate.

  85. I make all my meals and do not eat out. I also make a list and compare prices at the stores.

  86. I save money by watching for sales to do my xmas shopping all year that way by August I’m done and ready to start for the next year I have paid cash for everything…

  87. I automatically put a portion of my paycheck in savings and another part in my 410k. You would be surprised to see how your money grows.

  88. Put as much as you can to get by in savings every 2 weeks so you don’t have the funds to overspend

  89. I save change like quarters in a jar and I use coupons and get deals on products by finding them

  90. I search for coupon codes before shopping online and I also buy in bulk and on sale.

  91. – I take advantage of cashback deals and apps like ibotta!
    – When I shop at Target, I use their cartwheel offers through their phone app.

  92. If your company offers a 401k. Increase your contributions by a percent with every raise you get.

  93. Only get what you need, definitely cut back on excess spending, especially monthly subscriptions. I also find that going to the grocery store with a full stomach helps..

  94. My biggest expense is my cat shelter. It is a lot cheaper to buy canned cat food by the case from Amazon. Also flea treatments.

  95. I save money the following ways:

    – I make up a list of the items we need and then look at the flyers on-line to see where they’re on sale.
    – I stock-up when the everyday items that we use are on sale.
    – I price match and use coupons where possible.
    – I avoid impulse purchasing.

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